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Why Demographic Models Are Essential to Understanding and Reaching Key Audiences

Election results come down to two factors — which individuals will vote, and whom they will vote for — resulting in two parallel objectives for political advocacy groups and campaigns. …

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Open-source Software Release: Introducing async-graph-data-flow, a Python Library for Efficient Data Pipelines

Imagine a champagne tower. You pour champagne into the top glass until it fills up, then the champagne trickles down and fills the glasses below. The process doesn’t stop until…

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Nonprofit and Civic Tech Leaders Convene in DC for Data-focused Community Summit

On Thursday, March 9, 2023 Civis Analytics headed to Washington D.C. to partner with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to host our first in-person event in more than three years!…

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Public Data Isn’t Enough to Bridge the Digital Divide

The digital divide — the schism separating citizens with efficient access to modern information and communications technologies from those without — continues to disrupt the lives of millions of Americans…

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How Our Civis Platform Data Workbench Evolved in 2022 — and What’s Ahead for 2023

Civis Analytics never stops working to improve Civis Platform, our flagship all-in-one data warehouse and analytics engine. With 2022 winding down and 2023 on the horizon, what better time to…

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Extending Civis Workflows Using Parameters

Civis Platform workflows are extremely powerful ways to chain and execute jobs on a preset schedule, connecting related jobs and automating them as a single unit. This suite of jobs…

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How the Continuous Improvement Process Guided the Latest Civis Platform Updates

In my previous post, I discussed how Civis Analytics leverages continuous improvement (CI) to make a better product. This follow-up post addresses new and upcoming updates to our Civis Platform,…

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Bipartisan Messaging Q&A Part 2

The Bail Project, a national nonprofit that provides no-cost bail assistance and pretrial support services for low-income individuals, has proven unusually successful at delivering persuasive messages across political lines, even…

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How Civis Uses Continuous Improvement to Build a Better Data Platform

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms enable continuous, on-the-fly improvement without complex, lengthy installation and update processes. This means we can update Civis Platform in the background, usually without any outage or client…

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Bipartisan Messaging Q&A Part 1

The Illinois Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today (SAFE-T) Act, signed into law in January 2021 by Governor J.B. Pritzker, enacts extensive reform impacting many areas of the state’s criminal justice…

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What Political Campaigns Can Learn From Commercial Marketing Success

Whether promoting people (political candidates, for example), places (travel destinations), or things (consumer packaged goods), digital marketers of all stripes face many of the same fundamental challenges, like attribution issues…

Understanding Satisficers

Survey participants are sometimes dishonest in their responses, inattentive while answering, or in a rush to get through the questions. This behavior is called satisficing. The following post explores how satisficing affects survey results, how Civis neutralizes its impact, and which measures must be taken to address increasingly poor respondent data quality.

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How data infrastructure investment transforms member-driven organizations

While data is an increasingly vital tool for member-driven organizations, too many of these groups are stymied by CRM systems that fail to deliver the features and functionality required to…

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Follow This Four-phase Process to Move Your Organization From Spreadsheets to Data Tools

Most organizations know the importance of data for effective decision-making. They want to get better data analytics capabilities into the hands of their staffers, and they want to build fully…

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Data-driven Best Practices for Nonprofit Donor Management

Building a cohesive strategy for donor management isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be painful either. Success really comes down to two things:  Knowing who you’re talking to Knowing how…

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How national surveys can be an essential resource to your organization

Over the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to speak to leaders at nonprofits and social good organizations — individuals with a relentless drive to shed light on important issues…

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Persuasion is the most important part of messaging. Here’s the right way to test for it.

Advertising is omnipresent in American life. Advertisers spent a total of $49.1 billion on television commercials in 2021, up 6 percent year over year, pitching everything from cars to crypto…

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dbt at Civis Analytics

Abstract For data practitioners who use dbt — an open source tool that facilitates SQL data transformations — it’s hard to imagine a life without it. Data engineers and data…

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