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    How to Automate Your Data Workflows With Civis Platform

    More and more nonprofit organizations are investing in data infrastructure, and nearly all of them face the same looming question: should we build, or should we buy? Each option offers its own pros and cons, and determining which is right for you isn’t always easy.

    Backlash is real — and it’s more common than you’d think

    Back in 2017, Dove released a short but highly controversial ad on Facebook. Even though the GIF ad lasted just a few seconds, the backlash over its racial insensitivity immediately caught…

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    How to talk to skeptics about the COVID-19 vaccine

    Scientifically identifying the most persuasive messages to encourage vaccination. Significant investments have been made toward the rapid development of a safe and effective vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Even though we…

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    Toplines, n.

    In data analytics, toplines are the findings from an initial data survey that are then used to establish a foundation that marketers can use to predict customer behavior, including responses to future surveys and questionnaires. Their name derives from where they are placed on a data report, and their role in kicking off a line of data analysis.

    Highlights and insights from the 2021 Data for Gov Summit

    Public sector organizations work with more data than ever before, and while this information presents tremendous opportunities, it also poses unprecedented challenges. Civis Analytics’ Data for Gov Summit, held virtually…

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    Census 2020 Participation: It’s All About the Message

    The 2020 Census is approaching, and people are increasingly concerned about the quality of the count—for good reason. To better understand how to improve 2020 Census response rates, we set up a Creative Focus test to determine likelihood to complete, encourage peers to complete, and efficacy of messaging.

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    How Civis identifies the right COVID-19 vaccine messages for the right audiences

    It seems so obvious. Many Americans say safety is their number one concern about the COVID-19 vaccine, so campaigns encouraging vaccine adoption should make safety the primary focus of their…

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    Coronavirus Pulse Research Month One: Opinions, behaviors shift as quarantine lengthens, unemployment worsens

    Civis is fielding regular surveys to track public opinion on issues related to the coronavirus pandemic and our national response. The below analysis reviews the first four weeks of survey…

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    COVID-19 Data Models: A guide for Public Sector Officials

    This blog was originally published on on May 26, 2020 Data science and predictive modeling are increasingly important in modern-day governments, and this is especially true as teams focus…

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    Establishing a Data-driven Decision Making Culture for Your Workplace

    The foundation of a successful and efficient data-driven culture lies in the data itself — consolidating and cleaning it, making it securely available to all relevant stakeholders, and ensuring its insights are accurate, actionable, and readily accessible to the decision makers steering the organization’s future. Many continue to grapple with this digital transformation, however: in fact, only one in four organizations has established a truly data-driven environment.

    Designing for User Limitations

    Beyond the phrase “you are not your user” part 2 The first part of this series alludes to two ideas. One, product design (and its many similarly named, interactive, user-centered siblings) intersects…

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    Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, every time

    Think you know what audiences are thinking? Think again. Just ask Fellow Americans. The nonprofit organization, which partners with a wide range of creatives to develop white-label campaign ads supporting…

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    Identity Resolution and the Power of Unified Person-level Data

    Civis IDR: Your Answer to Siloed, Incomplete, Messy Data on the People who Matter Most Civis Identity Resolution (IDR) is a cloud-based application that links together person-level data from multiple…

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    Team-building takeaways: three things a hackathon taught Civis about collaboration and creativity

    Civis Analytics has a long history of applying its engineering acumen to solve urgent client problems. Members of the Civis government team recently put that same acumen to use to…

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    Introducing our employee spotlight series

    Here at Civis, we have some of the smartest data-centered minds on our team — but in addition to their day jobs, our employees have a wide array of hobbies,…

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    Using Data To Intensify QSR Customer Loyalty

    Fast food consumers hunger for greater personalization and expanded digital options. Here’s how a major U.S. breakfast chain leverages its first-party data to satisfy that demand, develop new products and services, and nurture fierce devotion.

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    Improving Support for HPV Vaccination Through Persuasive Messaging

    At some point in their lives, around 80% of all sexually active Americans will contract the Human Papilloma Virus. HPV, as it's more commonly called, is the most frequently transmitted sexual infection in the United States. It can lead to a range of health problems, including cancer. Each year, an estimated 34,000 US adults are diagnosed with a cancer caused by HPV.

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    Panel Marketplace, n.

    A consolidated panel provider that is composed of many different sources of panelists, with its own recruitment methods, respondent compensation standards, panel monitoring steps, and so on.

    How data helped Houston Food Bank nourish the community during the Texas power crisis

    When the snow and ice paralyzed southeast Texas, Houston Food Bank leaped into action.  The nation’s largest food bank in terms of distribution, Houston Food Bank presently serves about 124,000…

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    Protected: Nonprofit Partners Impact Survey
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    Learn how data powers the personalized loyalty programs QSR customers demand

    The Civis Analytics eBook Made to Order: How Data Drives the Personalized Loyalty Rewards Programs QSR Customers Crave explores the foundations and must-have features of a data-driven, personalization-focused loyalty program that benefits QSR customers and brands alike.


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