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    Census 2020 Participation: It’s All About the Message

    The 2020 Census is approaching, and people are increasingly concerned about the quality of the count—for good reason. To better understand how to improve 2020 Census response rates, we set up a Creative Focus test to determine likelihood to complete, encourage peers to complete, and efficacy of messaging.

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    The Modern Analytics Stack: An Overview of the Software Powering Modern Nonprofit Teams

    The modern nonprofit analytics tech stack is like a high-performance engine — when all of its components are working together, it’s a fine-tuned machine. But if even one part is out of rhythm, things can fall apart fast. In this on-demand session, we’ll walk through the modern analytics stack from top to bottom and show you how to create a toolkit that will enable your team to get the most out of your data.

    6 Ways You Might Be Unintentionally Introducing Bias Into Your Marketing Surveys

    Note: this piece originally appeared in Adweek By now, everyone can agree: done right, data-based insights can drive smarter, more personalized touchpoints with the people that matter, and improve the overall…

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    A Technical Guide to how Civis Identity Resolution Works

    Many organizations cannot at scale identify person-level records which represent the same individuals within and across data sources based on personally identifiable information to increase the efficiency of their analytics and targeting initiatives. Civis Analytics' Identity Resolution tool solves this problem. In this whitepaper we expose some of the science and data engineering that goes into this type of solution.

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    Our Journey to SOC 2 Type II Compliance and How You Can Do It Too

    As Civis’ General Counsel, my day-to-day is filled with a wide-ranging mix of business and legal issues, including leading our data protection efforts… and also a lot of keeping this guy out…

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    How national surveys can be an essential resource to your organization

    Over the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to speak to leaders at nonprofits and social good organizations — individuals with a relentless drive to shed light on important issues…

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    Response Consistency, n.

    A pattern of answer behavior that is consistently demonstrated over several moments in time, either at multiple points in one survey or across multiple surveys.

    Variance, n.

    The variance of a dataset is a measure of how much that data varies from the set’s mean, or overall average. It is calculated by squaring and then averaging the standard deviations from a dataset’s mean.

    FDNY Case Study

    In 2017, the New York Fire Department set out to recruit a more diverse group of applicants for the firefighter exam than ever before. This mission was made more difficult…

    Case Study
    Using Data Science for User-centric Design in Food Stamp Signups

    mRelief, a non-profit working to increase access to SNAP benefits (food stamps), in collaboration with data science firm Civis Analytics, today released new research quantifying how a more flexible benefits application…

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    My homework assignment from the VP: How to bring data science to cancer research

    Earlier this year, Vice President Biden gave me a homework assignment in his dining room. He asked me, along with a few other data and analytics industry folks, to join…

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    Illinois Office of the State Treasurer Case Study

    Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs has always been passionate about improving higher education. He served as chairman of the Illinois Legislature’s Higher Education Committee and ran for treasurer on a…

    Case Study
    Data science and the midterm elections: breaking down the results

    Civis’s political data science team has gotten a number of questions since the midterm elections, so we wanted to share some of our insights more broadly given the widespread interest.…

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    How a Global Federated Nonprofit Streamlined Data Reporting to Track Its KPIs

    THE PROBLEM An international federated nonprofit dedicated to saving the planet shifted its focus to saving time — time it was wasting on manual data collection and reporting processes.  For…

    Case Study
    How Civis simplifies data centralization for federated nonprofits

    Data that is fragmented — siloed, duplicated, and scattered like leaves — is data without purpose or impact.  A clear, comprehensive understanding of the data at an organization’s fingertips is…

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    Clinical Trial Recruitment: Understanding Participation and Strategies for Boosting Enrollment

    Clinical trials are vital to medical research as they’re often the best and only way to test new interventions, such as treatments or drugs. However, recruiting subjects — especially from demographic or socioeconomic groups that are typically underrepresented in research — is often a major challenge for study coordinators. We examined some of the barriers to clinical trial participation and suggest some outreach strategies that may improve enrollment.

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    Personally Identifiable Information (PII), n.

    PII is sensitive personal information that can be used to identify individuals. Examples include names, addresses, ages, birthdays, payment information, and bank information, as well as IP addresses and device IDs.

    Discover Your Community’s Path to Overcoming the Digital Divide

    For all the talk of automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in the data science world today, curious and motivated people are still the most important component of a successful team. But building a team full of these bright people is much easier said than done. In this on-demand session, we’ll take a look at the composition of a best-in-class data science team, and help you understand how to build out the function in your organization.

    Open Data, n.

    Open data is public information that can be freely used, reproduced, or redistributed by anyone, and often refers to scientific, biological, geographic, or civic databases.

    Learn how data powers the personalized loyalty programs QSR customers demand

    The Civis Analytics eBook Made to Order: How Data Drives the Personalized Loyalty Rewards Programs QSR Customers Crave explores the foundations and must-have features of a data-driven, personalization-focused loyalty program that benefits QSR customers and brands alike.

    Robin Hood Case Study

    Robin Hood has one objective: Alleviate poverty in New York City. The organization partners with more than 200 nonprofits and identifies ways to help the poor. One of Robin Hood’s…

    Case Study

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