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    How Inflation Will Impact Nonprofit Donations During the 2022 Holiday Giving Season

    With inflation at its highest rate in decades, we polled Americans from all walks of life to explore how economic pressures will impact nonprofit giving during the 2022 holiday season.

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    D3 for Data Scientists, Part I: A re-usable template for combining R and D3 to build interactive visualizations

    The path to D3 mastery is dark and full of terrors. D3 itself is a JavaScript (JS) library and on top of that, you’ll need a basic understanding of HTML (Hypertext…

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    Experiments in Survey Research: Improving Questionnaire Design

    One of the biggest challenges in survey research is ensuring respondents provide accurate answers to survey questions. While it would be nice to believe people are careful and truthful in…

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    Why Demographic Models Are Essential to Understanding and Reaching Key Audiences

    Election results come down to two factors — which individuals will vote, and whom they will vote for — resulting in two parallel objectives for political advocacy groups and campaigns. …

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    Public Sector | Coronavirus Pulse Survey Research

    Civis Analytics Weekly Report  |  Fielded April 2-3 and April 10-12, 2020 State and local governments across the country need to make quick decisions to prevent or delay the spread…

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    Media Mix Modeling (MMM), n.

    A modeling technique that uses aggregated data to measure the effects of advertising channels to determine how they contribute to an advertiser’s goals. MMM can also be used to create optimizations that help marketers (or advertisers) plan future campaigns based on past performance and resource constraints.

    From Science to Production: Unleash your Jupyter Notebooks

    Data scientists are explorers. They use Jupyter Notebooks, one of the most popular environments for data science analysis, to begin work toward creative solutions to big problems. But once those…

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    Data centralization for federated nonprofits made easy

    Federated organizations ingest overwhelming volumes of data — everything from intelligence on their beneficiaries to transactional information about their donors and supporters.  Many federated nonprofits are not swimming in data,…

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    Creative Focus: Reach the right people with the right message in any industry

    Today, we’re excited to announce General Availability of Civis Creative Focus, our online message testing tool. Now, users in any industry can build better messaging, create more focused advertisements, and generate positive…

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    How data helped Houston Food Bank nourish the community during the Texas power crisis

    When the snow and ice paralyzed southeast Texas, Houston Food Bank leaped into action.  The nation’s largest food bank in terms of distribution, Houston Food Bank presently serves about 124,000…

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    Enabling client independence through a custom R Shiny app

    No one likes being dependent on someone else for their day-to-day work. It leads to inefficiencies, a cycle of endless change requests, and a general feeling of powerlessness. Unfortunately, this…

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    Team-building takeaways: three things a hackathon taught Civis about collaboration and creativity

    Civis Analytics has a long history of applying its engineering acumen to solve urgent client problems. Members of the Civis government team recently put that same acumen to use to…

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    Panelist, n.

    Respondent who chooses to consistently participate in online survey panels.

    How The Bail Project unlocks the power of data to win bipartisan support for criminal justice reform

    The Bail Project, a nonprofit that provides no-cost bail assistance and pretrial support services for low-income individuals, partnered with Civis Analytics to determine the persuasiveness of its bail reform messages.…

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    Understanding Satisficers

    Survey participants are sometimes dishonest in their responses, inattentive while answering, or in a rush to get through the questions. This behavior is called satisficing. The following post explores how satisficing affects survey results, how Civis neutralizes its impact, and which measures must be taken to address increasingly poor respondent data quality.

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    Understanding Retail Clinic Patients

    In the last decade, the number of U.S. retail clinics — medical clinics located in other businesses, such as grocery stores or pharmacies — has grown significantly. By 2017, the number of retail clinics grew almost 5x since 2006, and total sales by retail clinics grew 3x between 2010 and 2016.

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    The Opportunity Project: A new model for civic tech

    As part of our public sector work, Civis is always on the lookout for pro bono projects. Not only does this offer us a way to contribute to civic good,…

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    How Civis Platform helped transform CRM strategy at Pampered Chef

    Pampered Chef is the premier seller of high-quality kitchen solutions, and for every item sold, there’s a data point about the product and who bought it. As the company grew,…

    Case Study
    How a Global Federated Nonprofit Streamlined Data Reporting to Track Its KPIs

    Automated and standardized reporting across international offices. Built out BigQuery integration for customized Platform use. Improved internal coordination between 23 isolated data teams. THE PROBLEM For decades an international federated…

    Case Study
    Driving donations with the right message for each audience

    Many nonprofits find themselves at a difficult impasse: while direct cash assistance may be the most effective way to support the communities they serve, it can also be the most…

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    Follow This Four-phase Process to Move Your Organization From Spreadsheets to Data Tools

    Most organizations know the importance of data for effective decision-making. They want to get better data analytics capabilities into the hands of their staffers, and they want to build fully…

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