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    The Civis Guide to Analytics Maturity

    Your organization needs to make the right decisions when it comes to finding and engaging consumers. You are striving to use data, not a gut feeling, to guide your efforts. We're here to help you make the right decisions about how you make decisions.

    Research Report
    Why Civis Signed a U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Brief Supporting Dreamers

    Civis employees share a strong belief in the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion at work and in society. At work, everyone should feel a strong sense of comfort and…

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    City of Houston and Civis Analytics Report Details Methodology for Smarter, More Accurate Disaster Recovery

    After Hurricane Harvey, the stakes were high for the City of Houston in correctly accounting for the full costs of the storm on the city's housing. Between 2015 and Harvey in August 2017, Houston experienced five federally-declared flooding disasters, meaning that many Houstonians had yet to recover from previous storms when Harvey struck.

    Research Report
    2022 Holiday Giving Season: Donor Research

    Access the Analysis Work Email* First Name* Last Name* Please leave this field empty. Civis Analytics recently surveyed ~2,000 Americans in order to better understand what donors are planning for…

    Research Report
    Meeting Demand for Telehealth

    Telehealth, also referred to as virtual healthcare, is remote medical care delivered using technology such as videoconferencing, audio, or chat, is yet another alternative option for patients besides seeing an in-office physician or a hospital. Proponents believe that virtual care can enhance the patient experience, reduce costs, and increase access to medical care, especially in remote rural areas where there are fewer physicians and hospitals.

    Research Report
    Team-building takeaways: three things a hackathon taught Civis about collaboration and creativity

    Civis Analytics has a long history of applying its engineering acumen to solve urgent client problems. Members of the Civis government team recently put that same acumen to use to…

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    COVID’s resurgence fuels renewed fears — and jumpstarts vaccination rates

    What a difference two months makes. A rising number of Americans are expressing grave concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, a threat that earlier this summer appeared to be subsiding throughout…

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    Four reasons why data analytics are essential to QSR success

    The quick service restaurant segment’s adoption of digital tools to improve operations and customer experience has resulted in troves of customer data from disparate systems — from POS and inventory…

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    Learn how data powers the personalized loyalty programs QSR customers demand

    The Civis Analytics eBook Made to Order: How Data Drives the Personalized Loyalty Rewards Programs QSR Customers Crave explores the foundations and must-have features of a data-driven, personalization-focused loyalty program that benefits QSR customers and brands alike.

    Bias, n.

    In data science, bias refers to intentional or unintentional deviations from the truth in the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. Following rigidly objective standards can help eliminate bias from research and avoid incorrect conclusions.

    Our Journey to SOC 2 Type II Compliance and How You Can Do It Too

    As Civis’ General Counsel, my day-to-day is filled with a wide-ranging mix of business and legal issues, including leading our data protection efforts… and also a lot of keeping this guy out…

    Blog Article
    The Modern Analytics Stack: An Overview of the Software Powering Modern Nonprofit Teams

    The modern nonprofit analytics tech stack is like a high-performance engine — when all of its components are working together, it’s a fine-tuned machine. But if even one part is out of rhythm, things can fall apart fast. In this on-demand session, we’ll walk through the modern analytics stack from top to bottom and show you how to create a toolkit that will enable your team to get the most out of your data.

    Using Data Science for User-centric Design in Food Stamp Signups

    mRelief, a non-profit working to increase access to SNAP benefits (food stamps), in collaboration with data science firm Civis Analytics, today released new research quantifying how a more flexible benefits application…

    Case Study
    Top 2 / Bottom 2 Box Score, n.

    This score is a way to summarize highlights from the results of a rating scale survey, such as a 1–5 or 1–10 satisfaction survey where 1 represents extreme dissatisfaction and 5 or 10 represents extreme satisfaction. Typically, the “Top 2 score” is the percentage of survey respondents who selected one of the two most favorable rating options (4 or 5 in the 1-5 rating scale, for example). The Bottom 2 box score is the opposite percentage of respondents who selected one of the two least favorable rating options.

    Data Transformation, n.

    This refers to the process of converting data between formats, often between different computer systems or databases.

    How to talk to skeptics about the COVID-19 vaccine

    Scientifically identifying the most persuasive messages to encourage vaccination. Significant investments have been made toward the rapid development of a safe and effective vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Even though we…

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    Civis for Good: How our employees support the community

    Here at Civis, we understand that data has the power to transform lives. It’s our responsibility to use our “data powers” to serve people and improve their quality of life.…

    Blog Article
    How The Bail Project unlocks the power of data to win bipartisan support for criminal justice reform

    The Bail Project, a nonprofit that provides no-cost bail assistance and pretrial support services for low-income individuals, partnered with Civis Analytics to determine the persuasiveness of its bail reform messages.…

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    Multi-Touch Attribution, n.

    Multi-touch attribution uses first-party data to break down, click by click, the process that brought a customer to the point of sale. Marketers can then assign credit where it is due in terms of the marketing media with which the customer came into contact, and better understand how to replicate that process.

    Leveraging Data to Insure the Uninsured

    A core pillar of Enroll America’s quest is to get people insured. After noticing that their current outreach efforts with their Get Covered America Program wasn’t lowering the uninsured rate,…

    Case Study
    Attribution, n.

    Attribution analysis seeks to evaluate the success of campaigns in driving sales and highlight any influential links between the two, often down to the level of individual user purchases.

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