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    How often does it get *this* cold in Chicago? A statistical exploration with TensorFlow and open government data

    This short post is going to talk about an interesting statistical distribution, the Gumbel distribution, and how to use TensorFlow and SciPy to fit that distribution on historical weather data provided…

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    Surveying SCOTUS post-Breyer: Current Perceptions and Potential Appointments

    When Supreme Court Justice Steven Breyer announced his retirement, he commanded far more media attention than might be expected for a man known to fewer than half of U.S. adults (46%). As President Biden considers his choice for the next Supreme Court justice nominee, Civis Analytics surveyed 1,882 U.S. adults from January 28–31, 2022, to understand perceptions of the current court and what considerations are important in choosing a nominee.

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    Equal Justice: A statement from Civis Analytics

    Recent heartbreaking and maddening events, once again, remind us of the extreme disparities in the Black experience in America. Civis stands with the Black community, and it’s time we confront…

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    Nonprofit Trends Across the U.S.

    Here at Civis, we’re curious, and we like numbers. Sometimes, just for fun, we’ll pull publicly available data and see what interesting macro trends we can find. At the end of 2018, we were looking at IRS 990 data (public information on nonprofit performance) and thought “hey, wouldn’t it be cool to share our findings with more people?” So we brought in our friends at Fast Company, shared the numbers, and let them take it from there.

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    Follow This Four-phase Process to Move Your Organization From Spreadsheets to Data Tools

    Most organizations know the importance of data for effective decision-making. They want to get better data analytics capabilities into the hands of their staffers, and they want to build fully…

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    Randomized Controlled Trial (RTC), n.

    In scientific research, a RTC is considered to be the gold standard for experimental design because it allows for control over factors that are outside of the experiment’s purview. Research participants are randomly assigned to either be:

    1. in a control condition, where no treatments/messages/etc are shown before they are asked to answer the “dependent variables” or questions that the research seeks to answer
    2. in one or more treatment conditions, where a what is being measured is shown before these questions.

    This structure allows researchers to accurately gauge the impact of each treatment in comparison to the control group to determine which is the best for the outcome or research goal in question.

    ETL, v.

    ETL stands for “extract, transform, and load,” and is standard practice in data integration. Data is extracted from a source, transformed into an archivable format, and then uploaded to a database.

    Structured Data, n.

    Structured data is data that has been formatted, defined, and organized to be easily accessible and understandable to humans and computers, usually in a standardized database.

    Data science and the midterm elections: breaking down the results

    Civis’s political data science team has gotten a number of questions since the midterm elections, so we wanted to share some of our insights more broadly given the widespread interest.…

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    How Civis Uses Continuous Improvement to Build a Better Data Platform

    Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms enable continuous, on-the-fly improvement without complex, lengthy installation and update processes. This means we can update Civis Platform in the background, usually without any outage or client…

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    Weighting, n.

    The post-data collection process of adjusting datasets using a core set of variables, including demographics — like sex, age, race, and ethnicity, as well as educational attainment and geographic region — to correct any remaining imbalances between the survey sample and the population1 (even after the implementation of the upfront quotas). This is the final attempt to ensure representation in the survey, so the results can be properly and reliably applied to the entire population of interest.

    Highlights and insights from the 2021 Data for Gov Summit

    Public sector organizations work with more data than ever before, and while this information presents tremendous opportunities, it also poses unprecedented challenges. Civis Analytics’ Data for Gov Summit, held virtually…

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    Which Americans are on the wrong side of the digital divide?

    Civis Analytics set out to remedy this dearth of reliable data on the nation’s digital divide, using our always-on national survey infrastructure to collect insights government agencies can use to more effectively and cost-efficiently address the digital needs of the communities they serve.

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    6 Ways You Might Be Unintentionally Introducing Bias Into Your Marketing Surveys

    Note: this piece originally appeared in Adweek By now, everyone can agree: done right, data-based insights can drive smarter, more personalized touchpoints with the people that matter, and improve the overall…

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    Data Transformation, n.

    This refers to the process of converting data between formats, often between different computer systems or databases.

    Persuading Illinois Residents to Wear Masks to Halt COVID-19’s Spread

    THE CHALLENGE Wearing a mask is one of the most critical steps citizens can take to reduce the spread of COVID-19. But as of June 2020, only 66% of Illinois…

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    How Civis simplifies data centralization for federated nonprofits

    Data that is fragmented — siloed, duplicated, and scattered like leaves — is data without purpose or impact.  A clear, comprehensive understanding of the data at an organization’s fingertips is…

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    Public Sector | Coronavirus Pulse Survey Research

    Civis Analytics Weekly Report  |  Fielded April 2-3 and April 10-12, 2020 State and local governments across the country need to make quick decisions to prevent or delay the spread…

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    Experiments in Survey Research: Improving Questionnaire Design

    One of the biggest challenges in survey research is ensuring respondents provide accurate answers to survey questions. While it would be nice to believe people are careful and truthful in…

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    Driving QSR customer loyalty with data centralization

    Over 80 percent of restaurants are turning to technology — everything from online payments to reservation and inventory apps to in-store ordering systems. But few quick-service operators are successfully harnessing…

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    How Civis Platform Helped LCV Go from Two Internal Data Teams to Zero Data Sync Issues

    Image provided by League of Conservation Voters THE CHALLENGE The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) drives environmental progress through political action, leveraging its national advocacy movement, 30 state affiliates, and…

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