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    Public Sector | Coronavirus Pulse Survey Research

    Civis Analytics Weekly Report  |  Fielded April 2-3 and April 10-12, 2020 State and local governments across the country need to make quick decisions to prevent or delay the spread…

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    Nonprofit and Civic Tech Leaders Convene in DC for Data-focused Community Summit

    On Thursday, March 9, 2023 Civis Analytics headed to Washington D.C. to partner with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to host our first in-person event in more than three years!…

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    How Do You Persuade People to Get a Flu Shot? Emphasize How it Can Help Others.

    The 2017–18 flu season was the worst in many years. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimated roughly 80,000 Americans died as a result of the flu last season, well above any other season’s total in the last 40 years. In addition, the vaccination rate among adults was down to only 37.1%, the lowest in at least seven years, and well below the CDC’s goal of 70%. We set up a randomized controlled trial using our on-demand Creative Focus tool to determine what types of messages may be most effective in persuading people to get a flu shot.

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    BLM and policing survey identifies broad support for common-sense reform

    Civis fields regular surveys to track public opinion on issues related to the coronavirus pandemic and our national response. The analysis below reviews trends in our surveys from mid- and…

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    How Civis Platform strengthens and simplifies data security for political campaigns

    Six years after ​​Russian hackers leaked thousands of Democratic National Committee emails ahead of the 2016 presidential election, political campaigns remain firmly in the cybercrime crosshairs. While organizations of all…

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    Census 2020: One of our country’s most important marketing campaigns

    The Census — a constitutionally mandated count of all residents in the United States — occurs only once every 10 years, so it’s not always top of mind. But, what…

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    Services, n.

    Services in Civis Platform are a way to host web applications utilizing your data in a self-contained wrapper. Common examples of things to build as a service include Shiny apps, Flask apps, dashboards, and reports.

    COVID-19 Data Models: A guide for Public Sector Officials

    This blog was originally published on on May 26, 2020 Data science and predictive modeling are increasingly important in modern-day governments, and this is especially true as teams focus…

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    Equal Justice: A statement from Civis Analytics

    Recent heartbreaking and maddening events, once again, remind us of the extreme disparities in the Black experience in America. Civis stands with the Black community, and it’s time we confront…

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    Discover Your Community’s Path to Overcoming the Digital Divide

    For all the talk of automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in the data science world today, curious and motivated people are still the most important component of a successful team. But building a team full of these bright people is much easier said than done. In this on-demand session, we’ll take a look at the composition of a best-in-class data science team, and help you understand how to build out the function in your organization.

    Identity Resolution and the Power of Unified Person-level Data

    Civis IDR: Your Answer to Siloed, Incomplete, Messy Data on the People who Matter Most Civis Identity Resolution (IDR) is a cloud-based application that links together person-level data from multiple…

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    The best Mario Kart character according to data science

    Mario Kart was a staple of my childhood — my friends and I would spend hours after school as Mario, Luigi, and other characters from the Nintendo universe racing around…

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    ETL, v.

    ETL stands for “extract, transform, and load,” and is standard practice in data integration. Data is extracted from a source, transformed into an archivable format, and then uploaded to a database.

    How nonprofits can elevate market segmentation strategies with data science

    Market segments are crucial to any data-driven campaign effort: whether it’s direct marketing, fundraising, relationship building, or a product launch, segmentation ensures that the right messages get to the right individuals, and in just the right way. Many nonprofits already understand the importance of segmentation. But what they often don’t realize is there are cutting-edge approaches available that significantly upgrade their existing segmentation strategies.

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    Filling in the Data Gaps of At-Home COVID-19 Testing

    Publicly-available data on COVID-19 case counts and positivity rates might not be as accurate with the prevalence and use of at-home test kits. Civis's own Ryan Jewell went to find out if a data gap exists and how to fill it with survey data.

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    Now Available on Civis Platform: New Ways to use Data with Postgres, PostGIS, and More

    Happy New Year from the Civis Platform team! Today, we’re excited to announce native support for PostgreSQL on Civis Platform. Harnessing the power of Postgres, Platform users can now run high-performing,…

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    Robin Hood Case Study

    Robin Hood has one objective: Alleviate poverty in New York City. The organization partners with more than 200 nonprofits and identifies ways to help the poor. One of Robin Hood’s…

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    My homework assignment from the VP: How to bring data science to cancer research

    Earlier this year, Vice President Biden gave me a homework assignment in his dining room. He asked me, along with a few other data and analytics industry folks, to join…

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    Highlights and insights from the Data for Good Summit

    Civis Analytics’ Data for Good Summit, held virtually June 2-3, 2021, presented a wide-ranging program of data-focused interactive sessions and expert insights developed expressly for organizations in the nonprofit and…

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    Establishing a Data-driven Decision Making Culture for Your Workplace

    The foundation of a successful and efficient data-driven culture lies in the data itself — consolidating and cleaning it, making it securely available to all relevant stakeholders, and ensuring its insights are accurate, actionable, and readily accessible to the decision makers steering the organization’s future. Many continue to grapple with this digital transformation, however: in fact, only one in four organizations has established a truly data-driven environment.

    With Opioid Addiction Treatments, Education is Key

    The rate at which people are dying of opioid overdoses in America is accelerating. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) alongside harm-reduction measures such as needle exchanges and supervised injection facilities have proven successful in other countries, but have failed to gain support in the U.S. We set up a Creative Focus test to determine where popular support currently stands on MAT and needle exchanges, and which messages impact support levels.

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