The Bail Project needed help identifying the most persuasive messaging.
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Public Sector

Government agencies have the obligation to serve all citizens, even those that might be harder to reach or less likely to engage. We help public sector clients become more data-driven, so they can understand exactly how citizens are engaging with different services, and how to reach those who don’t engage at all.

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Consumer Brands

People are complicated, and marketing that persuades one individual may cause backlash with another. Civis helps consumer brands use science to understand who their customers are, how to best reach them, and know what's working and what isn't.

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Media & Agencies

The media landscape is constantly shifting, making campaign planning complicated. We empower even the least technical planners with the data needed to reach the right people at the right time in the right place.

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Advocacy & Nonprofits

The more efficient nonprofit and advocacy groups can be, the more good they can do in the world. Civis helps these groups understand and engage their audiences using data, ultimately informing better resource allocation decisions.

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Consumerism in healthcare is on the rise, and people expect more from their patient experience than just diagnosis and treatment. Our HIPAA-compliant technology helps organizations solve unique business challenges by creating 360-degree views of patients and building predictive models powered by that enhanced data.

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High Growth Tech

Technology is quickly disrupting every industry, and those that use data in the right way will have an important edge over the competition. Civis's tools and top technical talent empower teams of all sizes to accelerate adoption with science.

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The Fine Folks We Work With

We partner with Fortune 500 companies and prominent national nonprofits to answer their pressing questions, empower their data science teams with software and datasets, and help them bring about fundamental improvements in how they use data to make decisions.

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