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“Civis’s technology is helping us efficiently acquire Discovery+ subscribers as we continue to scale and makes our media planning function more advanced.

Our analysts can quickly and easily pull data-driven answers to questions around optimization, trade-offs, and scenario-planning.”

SVP of Global Subscriber Acquisition
Seth Goren
SVP of Global Subscriber AcquisitionDiscovery, Inc.

Our Unique Approach to Audience Intelligence and Outreach

Data is priceless. But too often it is fragmented — scattered, duplicated, and trapped inside silos. Unifying, cleansing, and centralizing this data is essential to extracting its true potential and deriving insights to fuel innovation, boost customer engagement, and gain a competitive advantage.

Civis’s data solutions are revolutionizing the way organizations like yours aggregate, access, and apply their data, so you can maximize its potential and deliver the right message to the right people at the right time, every time.

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We provide the tools and infrastructure so you can:
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Unify and Centralize

Break down silos and consolidate your data in one location.

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Cleanse and Consolidate

Eliminate duplicate profiles and establish a 360-degree perspective on each customer.

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Augment and Enrich

Amplify insights — and fill in knowledge gaps — with third-party data from a trusted partner.

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Access and Collaborate

Make clean, comprehensive data available to stakeholders throughout the organization.

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Let’s Talk About Your Data-Driven Future

Clean, centralized, enriched data is fundamental to understanding your audience’s wants and needs, personalizing their experiences, and consistently delivering products and services that stand out from the crowd.

The goal is to enhance your mission. The path is through centralized, enriched data. The path is yours. Let’s find out how to get there.

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Let’s Put Your Data to Work

Empower your teams. Engage your audiences. Embrace science, not conventional wisdom and educated guesses.

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