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Data is power. We’ve made it easy to harness that power and put it to use.

What Can You Accomplish When Data Is Unified?

Organizations ingest data from a multitude of systems and sources. Consolidating and cleaning this data is essential to extracting its value and deriving essential insights.

  • Identify and engage customers, donors, constituents, and supporters on a 1:1 basis
  • Build 360-degree views of each audience member, enabling more relevant, effective and personalized messaging
  • Accurately measure and analyze each program’s impact
  • Develop new products and services based on the actual desires and needs of your existing customers and others just like them
  • Collaborate across teams in a centralized environment

audience measurement, activation, and attribution

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Designed for both data scientists and non-technical decision makers and stakeholders.

Civis Platform is your foundation for customer insight, business intelligence, and strategic innovation — empowering you to make informed decisions with absolute confidence.

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Who Is The Platform For?

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“[Civis is] such an important piece of the progressive infrastructure.”

Barack Obama Campaign Manager and White House Senior Adviser
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Barack Obama Campaign Manager and White House Senior Adviser

How Civis Platform Works For You

Platform makes it easy for organizations like yours to import, manage, transform, analyze, and report on their data. Core Platform features include:

Identity Resolution, which ingests one or more customer data sources and finds matches among the records they contain, identifying duplicates within and across sources to determine which sets of records correspond to the same individuals.

Data Appends, which take a company’s existing customer files and matches them against a larger third-party database, adding any missing information and filling in any gaps. Users can supplement existing data files or create new audiences for more accurate targeting on a broader scale.

Audience Center, which offers a single source of truth for data-driven customer segmentation, prioritization, and targeting. Users can build and deploy predictive models to generate fresh insights into customers, determine where to find these people, and identify the messages that resonate and motivate.

Get Supported With People-Powered Research and Insights

Put our data expertise to work for you. With unique surveys, field expertise, and consulting and training, we’ll make sure you get the most out of the platform (and even use it for you!)

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Identify the Messages that Inspire Action

How persuasive are your ads with your most important audiences? Find out. Media Measuring is an easy to use online message testing tool that helps organizations deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

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Data Is Unified

Powers, Not Products

You are unique and that’s why we’ll use our team of data experts to create the best way to solve your data problems.

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