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Data is power. We’ve made it easy to harness that power and put it to use.

Our team of data experts can get you up and running fast with Civis Platform by supporting your team with onboarding, training, and goal-oriented insight mining.

Laura Cleary

Laura Cleary (she/her)
Lead, Applied Data Science


Riley Jessen (she/her)
Lead, Applied Data Scientist

Casey Wittekind

Casey Wittekind (she/her)
Director, Client Implementation


What Can You Accomplish When Data Is Unified?

Organizations ingest data from a multitude of systems and sources. Consolidating and cleaning this data is essential to extracting its value and deriving essential insights.

  • Build personalized relationships with customers, donors, constituents, and supporters.
  • Build 360-degree views of each audience member, enabling more relevant, effective and personalized messaging
  • Accurately measure and analyze each program’s impact
  • Develop new strategies and outreach based on the actual desires and needs of your existing customers and others just like them
  • Collaborate across teams in a centralized environment

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Analytics Transformation, Informed by Experience

Your goals and outcomes are unique, but the issues that arise on the journey to meeting them are ones we solve everyday for clients just like you. Our ten years of experience has taught us the right way to unlock the value of your data.

See Our Approach to Analytics Transformation

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Start With Civis Platform

Designed for data scientists, analysts, engineers, and non-technical decision makers, Civis Platform is your foundation for customer insight, business intelligence, and strategic innovation — empowering you to make informed decisions with absolute confidence.

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Report, Automate, Disseminate

Our goal is to make it easy for your organization to make data-informed decision making as seamless as opening a webpage. Our suite of data reporting tools — paired with report viewer accounts — allows you to get actionable insights directly into the hands of your decision makers, alway on and always up-to-date.

Reporting That Works

Supporting you with People-powered Research and Insights

Put our industry-specific data expertise to work for you. With unique surveys, field expertise, and landscape analysis, we’ll make sure you get the most actionable insights to augment your first-party data.

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Resource Center

Data Science in Action

Taking Control of Your Organization’s Person Level Data with Civis AI-powered Identity Resolution (IDR)

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Today’s modern fundraising, outreach, and advocacy programs require reaching your target audience across many different platforms. You have to meet them where they are, and they are all over the…

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Faster Insights with our AI-Powered Data Crosswalk Tool

Our new Data Crosswalk Tool is designed to help streamline this process.

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How to Navigate the AI Hype: Lessons From a Decade of Data Analytics Adventures

Over the last decade, numerous in-house data analytics programs have hastily embraced the latest data trends, spanning from ‘big data’ to ‘machine learning,’ resulting in excessive spending and disappointing outcomes.…

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Concern For Climate Change Is Heating Up Across America

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Share Your Findings and Data With Anyone

Using data and visualizations to share the impact you are making has proven to be persuasive. In the past, there have been ways to do this outside of Civis Platform,…

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Getting value out of your data is only a conversation away.

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