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Unify Your Data Across All First-party Silos to Create a 360-degree View of Every Person

With Civis’s library of connectors, Identity Resolution, and data appends, you can transform your data through importing, de-duplicating, unifying, and enhancing so it’s comprehensive and ready for analysis.

Walkthrough: How to Build a Report

Flexible Cloud Storage: Your Data, Your Way

Getting started with Civis Platform has never been easier or more seamless. With Flexible Cloud Storage, you can let us manage your data storage needs or you can layer Platform on top of your existing database architecture — your choice. 

If you’ve heavily invested in your data infrastructure and want to take advantage of Platform’s all-in-one, secure functionality, you won’t have to migrate. Currently, Flexible Cloud Storage supports AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, and PostgreSQL database architectures.

Read Our Announcement of Flexible Cloud Storage

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A Single Analytics Platform That Puts Your Data to Work for You

Finally, a way to make the most of your data in one place without investing in an expensive, hard-to-manage tech stack. With Civis Platform, you can harness your data from any source to plan strategically, manage workflows, reporting, and automation — all in a single tool.  

Eliminate messy data silos, collaborate across teams, and create a complete picture of your audience.

Cost-effective, Highly-flexible Infrastructure to Meet Your Needs

All of Platform’s capabilities — from workflows, to data imports, and more — can be managed in the browser or directly via API — tailor Platform to exactly match your needs and your budget.


Highly Secure

Our architecture, products, and processes are designed specifically to protect your data. We comply with industry-leading confidentiality, integrity, and availability standards. Specific security details can be found in our Security Center. Civis Platform is also SOC 2 Type II-certified.


All-in-One Solution

Platform is configured with a pre-built suite of features for data ingestion and ETL; data exploration and analysis tools; the ability to turn scripts into complex, scheduled workflows; and reporting tools to deliver always up-to-date information for your non-technical stakeholders.


Integrated Data and Solutions

Get a more robust view of your audience and create more impactful segments and models by augmenting your data with our proprietary database, which contains 100+ person-level data points including demographics and our predictive modeling to calculate the likelihood a person falls into specific categories (including political party).

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Managed Infrastructure

Civis-hosted Platform is built for the cloud and our infrastructure automatically scales to meet any demand. As a fully managed data warehouse, and coupled with our dedicated DevOps Team, Platform takes care of the infrastructure, so you can focus on analyzing your data.


Explore Your Data, Build Your Models, and Collaborate on Projects Across Your Team

Explore your data using our query tool, build models using R or Python in Jupyter Notebooks, and collaborate across teams using projects to organize and our direct github integration to collaborate around code.


Start With Civis Platform

Designed for data scientists, analysts, engineers, and non-technical decision makers, Civis Platform is your foundation for customer insight, business intelligence, and strategic innovation — empowering you to make informed decisions with absolute confidence.

Discover Civis Platform

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Analytics Transformation, Informed by Experience

Your goals and outcomes are unique, but the issues that arise on the journey to meeting them are ones we solve everyday for clients just like you. Our ten years of experience has taught us the right way to unlock the value of your data.

See Our Approach to Analytics Transformation

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Report, Automate, Disseminate

Our goal is to make it easy for your organization to make data-informed decision making as seamless as opening a webpage. Our suite of data reporting tools — paired with report viewer accounts — allows you to get actionable insights directly into the hands of your decision makers, alway on and always up-to-date.

Reporting That Works

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Get All Your Data Cleaned and Actionable

Ready to see what Civis can do for you? Let’s start solving your big — and little — problems.

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