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Matt Brennan
Matt Brennan | Vice President, Engineering, Civis Analytics

We are incredibly excited to introduce our AI-powered Data Crosswalk Tool! This tool not only simplifies the cleanup and standardization of data, but takes the game to a whole new level with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Our aim at Civis Analytics is to make data-driven decision making accessible to everyone, meaning you don’t have to be a professional data scientist or need to know Python or R. Our latest tool is a testament to that commitment, designed to help data analysts eliminate the need for manual coding or external tools to perform common data cleaning tasks.

One of the first tasks any data scientist or engineer has to tackle is cleaning and normalizing their data, an important step of transforming raw data into clear and usable insights. This is regularly a chore, requiring not only manual mapping of field values across datasets but also uploading and storing the configuration for use in data pipelines. 

“Our new Data Crosswalk Tool is designed to help streamline this process.”

Our new Data Crosswalk Tool is designed to help streamline this process. Users can clean raw data values into broader categories. By specifying the tables that need to be joined, our data crosswalk tool will automatically find the unique values in the respective columns. AI will then handle the column mappings, providing a first strong recommendation. Humans still know best, though! If the AI gets it wrong, you can easily override the suggestions. This AI-powered feature makes data mapping more efficient, and lets you get on to making intelligence out of your data faster.

The new tool’s practical implications span across sectors – be that nonprofits standardizing their donor acquisition data, unions connecting job titles across employers, or government agencies analyzing their budget data.

The Data Crosswalk tool came out of our recent AI innovation week, where we had Data Scientists, Engineers, and Product Managers collaborate to explore ways we could leverage new technologies to solve problems for our users. This is the first idea we’re releasing into the wild, while others are helping inform our 2024 roadmap. We remain wholeheartedly dedicated to providing our users innovative and efficient solutions, and thank you for your continuous support and trust in us.

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