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The Civis Story

Revolutionizing the way organizations use data science.

Ever wonder what its like behind the scenes at Civis?

Here’s your sneak peek into our office – from the projects we’re tackling day to day, to our quirky culture, to some of the coolest perks of working here.

Work at Civis

Our History
Our History

Rooted in progressive beginnings.

We were born on the campaign trail, with CEO Dan Wagner and our founding members spearheading the Obama for America analytics team. Since then our DC and Chicago data science teams have seen rapid growth with a steadily developing client base in media, nonprofits, government, healthcare, education, and energy.

The Civis history

What We Do
What We Do

We uncover human behaviors so you can take decisive action.

We’re not like the typical big data companies of yesterday–we deliver straightforward truth, even when it’s tough to hear. Our clients run analytics smarter, take action more quickly, and see accelerated growth. From polling and politics to the new economy and education, we design and implement data science solutions directly for (and with) our clients.

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Our People
Our People

Data science isn’t what we do; it’s who we are.

Our team is full of the brightest and most talented minds in data science. We’re all fun, smart, and admittedly a little weird. We accept that we don’t know everything, but we follow the quest for truth until we have the answers. And we don’t stop solving problems when the clock strikes five–we were born obsessing over data, and live for using data to cure cancer, investigate the cause of temperamental coffee brewers, and everything in between.

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Our Platform
Our Platform

We solve the world’s largest data problems.

The Civis Platform was built by our team, and they use it every day. It’s the beating heart of Civis, and it helps scientists and analysts use data in ways people never have before. We use it on its own, to power our decision applications, and to get actionable insights into the hands of our clients.

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