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Profile Enrichment with Civis Data

Augment your records with hundreds of person-level data attributes — demographics, activities, and interests — informed by millions of individual nationwide survey responses. Civis Data is built by our expert data scientists and provides a more comprehensive view of the people you care about most.

Modeled Scores

We can develop methodologically-sound models of your most critical data gaps by creating modeled scores and imposing them on your existing audiences.


Address Normalization and Correction

Normalize address data in your CRM with our built-in CASS/NCOA standardization script to make sure you have the most accurate address data available. Enhance address data with our Geocoder.

Third-Party Data

Use Civis Platform to join your first-party data with purchased or sourced third-party data and further enrich or expand your supporter database.

Young Black woman annotating a chart with a colleague

Uncover more about your contacts.

Whether you are bringing your own data or enriching with Civis Data, we can help your learn more about every person in your database.

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