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A core pillar of Enroll America’s quest is to get people insured. After noticing that their current outreach efforts with their Get Covered America Program wasn’t lowering the uninsured rate, Enroll America enlisted Civis Analytics in order to help them build a program that is data-driven and metrics based in order to drastically change their approach.


Identifying the uninsured population

In an effort to lower the uninsured rate, Enroll America knew they needed to leverage their greatest resource: their data. Enroll America needed to understand who, on an individual level, was likely to be uninsured so that they could create outreach initiatives to convert them.


Enlisting Civis to build a predictive model

Civis Analytics built a model to predict the likelihood of an 18 to 64-year-old American lacking health insurance. To make these predictions, it pulled from proprietary survey responses, a rich database of consumer activity, and public datasets. To create the most detailed representation of an insured person, the Civis survey research team paired survey answers with publicly available data about the respondents to create a score that predicted if a person was likely to be uninsured.


Putting the model to work

With Civis’s model in place, Enroll America could identify neighborhood-level locations with a high concentration of uninsured Americans, establish partnerships with community leaders in key neighborhoods, canvas high-uninsured city blocks, and run experiments around digital outreach effectiveness.

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“With access to the Civis Platform, we had the foundation to transform into a massive, data-driven coalition of 6,700 partner organizations.”

“We used the data in cutting-edge ways to identify, target, and engage. Civis Platform massively increased our effectiveness to reach the uninsured and employ those tactics.”

Anne Filipic
PresidentEnroll America


How Civis helped Enroll America drop the national uninsured rate 50%

Enroll America needed a home for its data—a home that empowered Enroll to slice the data in a way that worked for for each audience and ensure the Get Covered America Program was run in an efficient and effective manner. As as central hub for information, Civis Platform enabled the small team of analysts at Enroll to develop insights based on person-level statistics and share them with their 6,700 national and local partners of community organizers, policy makers, and the press.

Allowing them to work more efficiently, accurately, and with educated insight, Civis’s Predictive Modeling work and Civis Platform have drastically improved the initiatives of Enroll America’s Get Covered America Program. Since the first model was built in 2013, the uninsured rate has dropped 50% nationwide!


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