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Flexible Tools, Features, and Reporting to Drive Actionable Insights

Smart, actionable research is a strategic investment that empowers organizations to maximize every dollar they spend.

We believe diagnosis represents the highest and best use of data. We strive for accuracy, and we prioritize actionable insights. Other firms try to tell you what will happen: we give you data and insights to chart your own path, and make smart decisions to drive action. We work with you to adapt our research tools to your needs, not the other way around.

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“As a part of the government, it’s critical that we make effective use of our resources.

By having the insights from the data, we can understand our applicants and focus our efforts on finding those people most likely to succeed.”

Deputy Commissioner
Laura Kavanagh
Deputy CommissionerFDNY

Surveys Help You Understand Your Audience, Whether It’s Donors, Consumers, Users, or Voters

Identify Persuasive

Scientifically Identify the Most Persuasive Messages

Determine which messages or pieces of creative are most persuasive across different audience segments — and which may backfire — using Creative Focus. We use a randomized controlled trial framework, widely considered the gold standard in social science, to minimize bias.

Track Sentiment Quickly and Accurately

Our nation-wide survey is always on, consistently collecting, analyzing, and sharing data on current events, topical issues, and policy changes from a representative sample of Americans. Our surveys are the ideal place to get the quick answers that your organization needs in less than a week — whether you need one question answered or 20.

Track Sentiment
Precision Targeting

Enable Precision Targeting for Campaigns and Activations

Audience Center offers a single source of truth for data-driven customer segmentation, prioritization, and targeting. Users can build and deploy our time-tested and scientifically-rigorous predictive models to understand who they need to reach, how best to reach them, and what to say to change behavior.

Find Out What Is Driving Behaviors

Get insights into what is driving behavior of your audience while augmenting your first-party data with our customer surveys. We combine our ability to build a unified, 360-degree audience view with our best-in-class social science and analytics to unlock insights about how your audience interacts with you and what is an effective way to drive specific outcomes.

Drive Behaviors

Generating Usable Data

The world has changed, and we’ve changed with it. Our industry-leading methodology ensures you are leveraging your most impactful insights.

Survey Results and Analysis

Civis surveys meld the best methodologies from survey science and data science to produce the accurate, timely, and relevant data and insights you need to move your organization forward —with results delivered in days, not weeks.

Quality Assurance

Experience and iterative experiments ensure Civis employs the best quality controls for identifying poor survey respondents. Metadata, trap questions, attention checks, and more are used to remove low-quality responses from the of the final dataset.

Data Augmentation

Augment your data with our proprietary database, which contains 100+ person-level data points including demographics, attitudes, and behaviors. Our predictive modeling calculates the likelihood a person falls into specific categories (including political affiliation).

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What information are you missing to make actionable insights?