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    Telehealth, also referred to as virtual healthcare, is remote medical care delivered using technology such as videoconferencing, audio, or chat, is yet another alternative option for patients besides seeing an in-office physician or a hospital. Proponents believe that virtual care can enhance the patient experience, reduce costs, and increase access to medical care, especially in remote rural areas where there are fewer physicians and hospitals.

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    At Civis, we take a science-first approach to solving business problems using person-level data. With a blend of proprietary technology and statistical advisory services, we help public and private sector organizations find, understand, and connect with the people they care about, so they can stop guessing and start using statistical proof to guide decisions. We know others use “data science” and “analytics” as buzzwords, but at Civis we don’t stand for fluff, and we will always deliver scalable products and technologies — not PowerPoints — to drive your business forward.