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Concern For Climate Change Is Heating Up Across America

Download the eBook Work Email* First Name* Last Name* Please leave this field empty. It’s hard to ignore the increasing reality of climate change in each of our lives. Front…

Share Your Findings and Data With Anyone

Using data and visualizations to share the impact you are making has proven to be persuasive. In the past, there have been ways to do this outside of Civis Platform,…

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What We Heard At Bridge: 5 Common Challenges Nonprofits Are Facing — And How To Solve For Them

After an information-packed three days, the 2023 Bridge conference has come to a close. One of our biggest takeaways from the conference was that nonprofits across the country, in virtually…

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Supercharging Revenue and Relationships Through Dynamic Data Governance

Data Governance: a broad, boring-sounding term that can cover just about anything — legal compliance, security checklists, data audit trails. But in reality, data governance is about having a data strategy that improves how you engage with your donors.

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Why Demographic Models Are Essential to Understanding and Reaching Key Audiences

Election results come down to two factors — which individuals will vote, and whom they will vote for — resulting in two parallel objectives for political advocacy groups and campaigns. …

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Nonprofit Data Transformation

Nonprofits often struggle on their journey to become data-driven. Here are the common reasons why — and a better, more tailored way forward. Membership nonprofits have always faced unique challenges…

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Using Data to Overcome the Digital Divide

The digital divide — the gulf between communities with ready access to modern information and communications technologies, and those without — impacts millions of Americans spanning generations, demographics, and geographies. Civis's solution to bridging the digital divide is the DEIC — a suite of modeled and curated data to help understand the issue through the lenses of: affordability, accessibility, and adoption.

Establishing a Data-driven Decision Making Culture for Your Workplace

The foundation of a successful and efficient data-driven culture lies in the data itself — consolidating and cleaning it, making it securely available to all relevant stakeholders, and ensuring its insights are accurate, actionable, and readily accessible to the decision makers steering the organization’s future. Many continue to grapple with this digital transformation, however: in fact, only one in four organizations has established a truly data-driven environment.

Public Data Isn’t Enough to Bridge the Digital Divide

The digital divide — the schism separating citizens with efficient access to modern information and communications technologies from those without — continues to disrupt the lives of millions of Americans…

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How Our Civis Platform Data Workbench Evolved in 2022 — and What’s Ahead for 2023

Civis Analytics never stops working to improve Civis Platform, our flagship all-in-one data warehouse and analytics engine. With 2022 winding down and 2023 on the horizon, what better time to…

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Drive better audience insights in 2023 using Civis Platform

Whether you’re a veteran Platform user or just interested to learn more about some of our more advanced Platform tips and tricks, be sure to tune in! Unlock more value from your data through new Civis Platform updates — we’ve been hard at work implementing feature improvements, strengthening integrations, and rolling out new products in Civis Platform.

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Civis Platform Helps LCV Scale and Accelerate Their Fundraising Program with Clean, Accurate Data

Data warehousing with Civis Platform increased revenue by 390 percentage points over a five-year period. Linking person-level data using Identity Resolution to more effectively segment donors. Eliminated sync issues and…

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How the Continuous Improvement Process Guided the Latest Civis Platform Updates

In my previous post, I discussed how Civis Analytics leverages continuous improvement (CI) to make a better product. This follow-up post addresses new and upcoming updates to our Civis Platform,…

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How Civis Uses Continuous Improvement to Build a Better Data Platform

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms enable continuous, on-the-fly improvement without complex, lengthy installation and update processes. This means we can update Civis Platform in the background, usually without any outage or client…

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How Civis Platform Transformed PMI’s Data to Boost the Fight Against Malaria

THE PROBLEM Photo by Moses Senesie, MOHS, March 2021 The U.S.President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), a U.S. government initiative created to dramatically reduce malaria deaths and illnesses across sub-Saharan Africa, set…

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Protected: Nonprofit Partners Impact Survey
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Filling in the Data Gaps of At-Home COVID-19 Testing

Publicly-available data on COVID-19 case counts and positivity rates might not be as accurate with the prevalence and use of at-home test kits. Civis's own Ryan Jewell went to find out if a data gap exists and how to fill it with survey data.

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How to Automate Your Data Workflows With Civis Platform

More and more nonprofit organizations are investing in data infrastructure, and nearly all of them face the same looming question: should we build, or should we buy? Each option offers its own pros and cons, and determining which is right for you isn’t always easy.


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