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    Data-driven decision making — the process of assembling and analyzing data to generate actionable insights, overcome biases, and make the most informed strategic judgments — is the cornerstone of modern-day business innovation, reshaping everything from competitive intelligence to product development to marketing campaigns and beyond. McKinsey & Company forecasts that by 2025, “Smart workflows and seamless interactions among humans and machines will likely be as standard as the corporate balance sheet, and most employees will use data to optimize nearly every aspect of their work.”

    The foundation of a successful and efficient data-driven culture lies in the data itself — consolidating and cleaning it, making it securely available to all relevant stakeholders, and ensuring its insights are accurate, actionable, and readily accessible to the decision makers steering the organization’s future. Many continue to grapple with this digital transformation, however: in fact, only one in four organizations has established a truly data-driven environment.

    Any organization of any type can embrace a data-first mentality, provided it knows the steps to success — and recognizes the pitfalls to avoid. Download the eBook Establishing a Data-driven Decision Making Culture for Your Workplace to explore: 

    • How to make data-driven decisions
    • Best practices for implementing a data-driven philosophy across your organization
    • The critical role a managed data science platform plays in fostering an environment where data-informed insights and innovations triumph over guesswork and gut instinct