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Data Governance: a broad, boring-sounding term that can cover just about anything — legal compliance, security checklists, data audit trails.

But in reality, data governance is about having a data strategy that improves how you engage with your donors. We’re here to clear it up for you and to help add some rigor so all your teams who touch your data will have shared “rules of the road” that help everyone create, manage, and leverage organizational data more effectively.

Defining clear roles and guidelines for curating clean, actionable data allows your nonprofit to better use that data to power your decision-making and respond to engagement signals in real time, driving a better experience for your members.

So how do you get to a data governance program to work for you? Join us for a live webinar July 10 at 1pm ET, where we’ll help you map out your data governance plan to:

  • move beyond spreadsheets and create a plan that’s intentional, organized, and drives engagement with your donors and supporters
  • align your staff around SOPs that promote data-driven decision making
  • use your data to move your people up the ladder of engagement

Lack of data governance can create frustration for both your staff and your supporters, like accidentally soliciting a $25 donation from a high-dollar donor who just gave a major gift  — yikes. A robust data governance program helps keep all the moving pieces in sync, so you’re able to better engage with your members and donors. So let’s chat about how we get there.

Access the Webinar

    Hear from our panel and hone your data governance strategy:


    Anna Berman

    Senior Applied Data Scientist at Civis Analytics


    Justin Birdsong

    Founder and Principal at Skeleton Key Strategies


    Ronald Iwanski

    Director, Philanthropy Systems & Data Management at Feeding America

    nathan headshot

    Nathan Moore

    Nonprofit Partnerships at Civis Analytics