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    More and more nonprofit organizations are investing in data infrastructure, and nearly all of them face the same looming question: should we build, or should we buy?

    Each option offers its own pros and cons, and determining which is right for you isn’t always easy. There are dozens of critical factors that go into the decision, from in-house expertise and timelines to long-term support and total cost.

    Join Civis Analytics to explore how our Civis Platform data management solution’s advanced automation features help nonprofit data teams save hundreds of hours per year and redeploy invaluable data science resources to where they’re needed most.

    With Civis Platform’s visual graph editor, users can create complex, version-controlled data workflows and set predefined schedules to run these workflows as often as necessary — with no manual involvement.

    Topics include:

    In this product demo, our panel of Solution Architects and Engineers will show you what’s possible thanks to Platform’s focus on automation, providing:

    • An overview of Civis Platform and how its features enable advanced automation 
    • A deep dive into Platform’s automated reporting capabilities 
    • A rundown of other possibilities enabled by automation — from internal communication and marketing to dashboarding and list cutting


    About Civis Analytics

    At Civis, we take a science-first approach to solving business problems using person-level data. With a blend of proprietary technology and statistical advisory services, we help public and private sector organizations find, understand, and connect with the people they care about, so they can stop guessing and start using statistical proof to guide decisions. We know others use “data science” and “analytics” as buzzwords, but at Civis we don’t stand for fluff, and we will always deliver scalable products and technologies — not PowerPoints — to drive your business forward.

    Webinar Speakers


    Abby Frank

    Tech lead, Civis Analytics

    Abby joined Civis in February 2021. Abby has been mostly focused on improving the workflows experience. Abby uses her broad experience in different technologies and different platforms to help Civis create a delightful and future forward product.

    Sam Hamernick

    Sam Hamernick

    Senior Solution Architect, Civis Analytics

    Sam joined Civis Analytics in March 2020. She focuses on software configuration and implementation, and has trained a variety of clients in the nonprofit sector on Civis software products. While at Civis, Sam has worked with large environmental nonprofits — like the League of Conservation Voters. Prior to joining Civis, Sam worked as a consultant across the nonprofit and public sectors.