We've found that trying to scare the unvaccinated doesn't work.
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Outcomes 360

Clinical data is important, but 80% of health is determined or affected by the conditions under which a person is born, grows, works, lives, and ages. Our tool allows you to analyze important social determinants of health so you can enhance understanding of a population, prioritize which individuals to target, and determine how to drive behavioral change and improve health.

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All your data in one place

Civis technology gives you the ability to automatically integrate patient and clinical data from various disparate sources. Build, use, and share interactive dashboards to develop a deep understanding of important trends like patient cost, health outcomes, and outreach success rates.

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Craft the right message

Use our Creative Focus tool to test your ad creatives and understand how various messages impact important outcomes, like public support for addiction treatment or a patient's likelihood to engage with healthy outcomes.

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Civis Enables Healthcare Organizations to:

Trace members across disparate data sources

Misidentifying patients costs millions each year in the form of denied claims, medical errors, and operational inefficiencies. Our Identity Resolution solution helps solve all that with a set of machine learning algorithms and statistical models that probabilistically match or deduplicate individuals when a reliable unique patient identifier (UPI) isn’t available or can’t be trusted.

Build Person-Level Predictive Analytics

In healthcare, decisions are still being made based on what happened in the past, not what will happen tomorrow. Our Predictive Modeling technology helps your organization understand what will happen next so you can increase participation in health and wellness signups, identify patients at risk of being readmitted to the hospital, or find members likely to be dissatisfied with their insurer. Use this to design and implement personalized outreach campaigns for growing a member base, increasing engagement, and retaining relationships.

Understanding Patients as Consumers

Healthcare is changing: patients today have more options for where to go to seek healthcare, such as urgent care centers, telemedicine providers and retail clinics. While there is still a long way to go, people are becoming savvier about healthcare and expect that providers should cater to them as consumers, not just as patients. Using products and services we’ve adapted from other industries to healthcare—such as our survey research, behavioral and attitudinal segmentation, and message testing—Civis can help organizations understand how to engage with patients at every step of the customer journey, from initial acquisition to retention.

We used the data in cutting-edge ways to identify, target, and engage. Civis Platform massively increased our effectiveness to reach the uninsured and employ those tactics.”


Research Series: Voice of the Patient


Voice of the Patient

Having a full picture of a patients' health is critical to the improvement of healthcare. That includes understanding patient attitudes and motivators. Our new research initiative, Voice of the Patient, leverages Civis' expertise in research, surveying and message testing to give healthcare providers that full picture of the patient.