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Brand Tracking and Corporate Reputation

Track your brand and communications performance over time with more accurate data that’s proven to be trusted in the most high stakes scenarios.

Message and Concept Testing

Determine the most impactful messages and creative by audience before you’re in market by using science’s gold standard, randomized controlled trials.

Customer Acquisition

Identify opportunities for growth using research and modeling to reach more high value consumer targets.

Marketing Effectiveness

Enable enterprise marketing decisions for every campaign, message, and tactic to make your marketing more effective and predictive.

Customer Modeling and Segmentation

Define your highest value customers, segment the market to find them, and drive efficient growth.

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“Civis Platform provides us with a data driven answer to the biggest question being asked of our function. We can elevate the decision making at the company around optimization, tradeoffs, and scenario planning. The tool has made us orders of magnitude more advanced… a total triumph.”

SVP of Media Strategy & Analytics
Seth Goren
SVP of Media Strategy & AnalyticsDiscovery Inc.

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