Create Interactive Dashboards

Use our technology to provide clear and concise reports and visualizations around your organization's data. Our visual dashboards can be automated to sync with your databases and show how audiences and trends are developing over time.

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Cloud-based programming environment

Within our web-based platform, you can import and edit data, program in pre-configured R and Python Jupyter notebooks, and then share reproducible analyses that drive future policy decisions within your organization.

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Workflows & script orchestration

State, local and Federal organizations often need to link SQL, R, Python, or bash scripts together and schedule them to run at regular intervals. Using Civis, quickly break complex analyses down into modular components that can be easily refreshed or modified.

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Census Outreach Tools

An end-to-end solution for planning and executing outreach campaigns using data. Understand different populations’ propensity to respond, drive engagement, and respond in near real-time to events on the ground during the fielding of the 2020 Census.

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Civis Is Trusted By:


US Department of Housing and Urban Development

US Department of Homeland Security

US Office of Personnel Management

Federal Emergency Management Agency

National Technical Information Service

State & Local

City of Boston

reMain Nantucket

City of Houston

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Fire Department of New York

How We Help

Civis Enables Public Sector Organizations to:

Create a 360 degree view of constituents

Link survey, administrative, and public data sources to develop one holistic view of your community members to understand how and where they engage with your services.

Develop effective marketing campaigns

Use data to determine which advertising, messaging, or interventions are most likely to influence your audience's behavior, and then communicate to different groups based on the results.

Leverage open source data science tools

Leverage open source tools with the security you need in a highly flexible cloud-based infrastructure. These tools allow for collaboration and automation, enabling teams like yours to focus more on helping people.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, we needed new tools to understand the extent of the storm, how much damage the city incurred, and what parts of the city are still in need. The Civis Platform allowed us to understand unmet need at a new level, and target our policies and programs where they have the most impact. This analysis will help us respond more quickly to future natural disasters.”

As a part of the government, it’s critical that we make effective use of our resources. By having the insights from the data, we can understand our applicants and focus our efforts on finding those people most likely to succeed.”


What We Are Reading:

White Paper

Census 2020 Participation: It’s All About the Message

With many concerns fearing to impact response rates in the upcoming 2020 Census, we looked at how public sector organizations can encourage participation by using the right messaging. Read about our findings in our latest white paper.

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