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We empower local, state, and federal government organizations

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We Solve Problems

Equitably Allocate Resources

Use data from multiple sources and across departments to understand where resources are most needed. Proactively assess the greatest risks to your community — visually — so you can see the information you need to make informed decisions.

Public Infrastructure Spending

Quantify how expenditures on public improvements differ across geographic areas, and resident characteristics including race and income.

Hiring, Promotion, and Retention Across Marginalized Populations

Learn how we utilized data analytics and modeling to decrease recruiting roadblocks for women and people of color for the Fire Department of New York

Public Health

We enable local, state, and federal agencies to understand the impact of their programs and target their messaging equitably. From malaria in developing countries to COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Illinois we provide data analytics and data modeling assistance.

Digital Divide

We can help you analyze the digital divide and assist in analytics to determine the best opportunities to invest in broadband infrastructure and to drive broadband adoption.

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Utilize government resources efficiently

Federal, state and local governments can spend a significant amount of their budget on staffing costs including hiring, retention, and overtime. With Civis Platform and predictive modeling, we can assist you in determining how to hire efficiently, assist in recruiting and retention, and reduce overtime.

  • Machine learning in hiring — We assisted a federal agency in applying machine learning methods to help job applicants find suitable federal job openings and to help hiring managers identify suitable applicants.
  • Analyzing shift structures and costs — Working with a City Transportation Department, we evaluated Parking Enforcement Officer shift structures to determine recommendations to improve efficiency and citywide shift coverage.

Enable interdepartmental collaboration

Unify your data and automate workflows to seamlessly share information and insights across multiple teams, agencies or jurisdictions. Rely on a single, trusted source of truth to better serve your community.

  • Centralized data science platform for the City of Boston — Utilizing Civis Platform, the City of Boston migrated 92 legacy data pipelines that allowed the City’s analytics team to support multiple City departments and to easily connect this data to public facing data applications that promote equity and transparency.
  • Combining data systems for 311 efficiency. Working with Civis Platform, the City of LA combined multiple data sources into Civis Platform to allow collaboration across departments and to increase efficiency of 311 requests.
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Better serve and engage your community

Identify the people who stand to benefit most from your programs. Understand how, when, and what to communicate to your audience for more effective engagement.

  • COVID-19 vaccine messaging — Civis has been working closely with the State of Illinois and other localities to determine the appropriate messaging and response to the COVID-19 pandemic using our demographic files and survey tools to appropriately target groups with vaccine hesitancy.
  • 529 savings plans participation — Civis has worked closely with state 529 plans to encourage more people to save for college. Results of these messaging campaigns and analytical modeling included a 50% decrease in costs in 529 campaign costs with a 31% increase in new accounts year over year.

Measure program performance

Centralize and standardize data to accurately measure your programs and the impact of your outreach. Easily share those KPIs and metrics across collaborating agencies, organizations and leadership.

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“When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, we needed new tools to understand the extent of the storm, how much damage the city incurred, and what parts of the city are still in need.”

The Civis Platform allowed us to understand unmet need at a new level, and target our policies and programs where they have the most impact. This analysis will help us respond more quickly to future natural disasters.”

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Sarah Labowitz
Communications and Policy DirectorCity of Houston

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Identify the right people who stand to benefit from your programs. Understand how, when, and what to communicate to your audience for effective engagement.

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