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Customized Data Science Platform Development and Training

We offer a suite of tools and training that can help your organization leverage data engineering and data science to feed your open data program, develop interactive visualizations and maps for policymakers, and even get started using predictive analytics to optimize service delivery.

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Cloud-based programming environment

Our Identity Resolution product seamlessly merges all person- and household-level data sources across agencies and departments, enabling better service delivery and enabling a clearer understanding of resident needs.

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Community Outreach and Engagement Hub

Civis’s Community Outreach and Engagement Hub (COrE Hub) allows government organizations and nonprofits to improve outreach campaigns with a deeper understanding of who they need to reach most, how best to reach them, and what to say to change behavior.

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Census Outreach Tools

An end-to-end solution for planning and executing outreach campaigns using data. Understand different populations’ propensity to respond, drive engagement, and respond in near real-time to events on the ground during the fielding of the 2020 Census.

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US Department of Housing and Urban Development

US Department of Homeland Security

US Office of Personnel Management


Federal Emergency Management Agency

National Technical Information Service

State & Local

City of Boston

reMain Nantucket

City of Houston

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Fire Department of New York

How We Help

Civis Enables Public Sector Organizations to:

Move from open data to actionable data

Develop automated workflows that surface new metrics and insights through your open data portal, and empower your internal teams with data for better decision-making.

Develop effective outreach campaigns

Use data to design and implement targeted outreach to maximize the effectiveness of engagement campaigns in areas including public benefit enrollment, insurance uptake, healthy behaviors, energy demand response, and civic participation.

Leverage open source data science tools

Leverage open source tools with the security you need in a highly flexible cloud-based infrastructure. Within our web-based platform, you can import and edit data, program in pre-configured R and Python Jupyter notebooks, and then share reproducible analyses that drive future policy decisions within your organization.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, we needed new tools to understand the extent of the storm, how much damage the city incurred, and what parts of the city are still in need. The Civis Platform allowed us to understand unmet need at a new level, and target our policies and programs where they have the most impact. This analysis will help us respond more quickly to future natural disasters.”

As a part of the government, it’s critical that we make effective use of our resources. By having the insights from the data, we can understand our applicants and focus our efforts on finding those people most likely to succeed.”


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Civis Analytics is Recognized in GovTech 100 for 2020

Civis’s government team was recognized by Government Technology in their GovTech 100, a list that recognizes the most innovative companies in the government sector.

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