New Civis Research: How to talk about the COVID-19 Vaccine
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Build a true 360-degree view of your supporters

Identity Resolution unifies your supporter data so you can segment and engage your supporters using a unique identifier across the major touchpoints of your supporter’s journey.

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Reach the right people

Civis Platform comes with all your favorite tools, like Jupyter notebooks, scripts, and workflows so you can easily analyze your data to identify and engage new volunteers, donors, and advocates in a cost-effective and scalable way.

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Test your message

Use our Creative Focus tool to find your best messages. Use the results to optimize communication with supporters and make sure messages inspire action (and won't cause backlash) all before you spend money putting an ad campaign into market.

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Custom Analysis

We'll work with your team to provide custom analysis to better understand your donors, your state, and more. Take a look at our most recent analysis on U.S. nonprofit trends with Fast Company.

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Civis Empowers Organizations to:

Get the full picture of your supporters

Understand how they’re experiencing your organization across all channels, and which touchpoints are converting them into sustainers.

Design effective outreach campaigns

With our survey research, modeling, and experimentation technology, you’ll develop a complete picture of your messaging to understand where it’s resonating, and where it’s not.

Leverage data to fulfill your mission

By combining private and public datasets you can optimize your budget, identify hard-to-find populations, and achieve your goals to serve the public.

Traditionally, nonprofits use the Field of Dreams approach: if you build it they will come. With Civis, we could take a more targeted Moneyball-type approach and turned to data to efficiently reach the right people. ”

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Civis Research

What mapping every nonprofit in the U.S. tells us about the state of the industry

This article published by FastCompany examines over 350,000 nonprofits to see which causes have the most attention and what issues result in the most donations or funding. Our Civis Data Scientists employed techniques like Topic Modeling and Machine Learning to uncover hidden trends in the nonprofit sector.

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