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Track Sentiment Quickly and Accurately

Our nation-wide survey is always on — consistently collecting, analyzing, and sharing data on current events, topical issues, and policy changes from a representative sample of Americans. Our surveys are the ideal place to get the quick answers that your organization needs in less than a week — whether you need one question answered or 20.

Data-science Enabled Surveys

We can optimize your messaging and creative strategies with two key survey solutions.

If you are unsure about the right focus or value proposition to develop messaging around:

Using MaxDiff, a powerful trade-off analysis, we can test your hypotheses and let your audience determine what would be most relevant or impactful. This approach allows you to prioritize across a wide range of options such as benefits, features, messages and policy elements, helping steer your campaign in the right direction at the onset.

If you want to know which of your messages works for which audience:

Our technology utilizes randomized control trial experiments to quantify the persuasiveness — or the potential for backlash — of your messages among the key audience subgroups you care about. This information will help you tailor your campaign so it is the most effective.

MaxDiff, n.

MaxDiff, also known as “best-worst” scaling, is a mathematical theory about decision-making. It assumes that when choosing sets of pairs, people will naturally choose the pair with the most perceived difference between its parts.

Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT), n.

In scientific research, a RTC is considered to be the gold standard for experimental design because it allows for control over factors that are outside of the experiment’s purview. Research participants are randomly assigned to either be:

  1. in a control condition, where no treatments/messages/etc are shown before they are asked to answer the “dependent variables” or questions that the research seeks to answer
  2. in one or more treatment conditions, where a what is being measured is shown before these questions.

This structure allows researchers to accurately gauge the impact of each treatment in comparison to the control group to determine which is the best for the outcome or research goal in question.

two co workers looking at data outputs in the form of charts

Custom and Landscape Surveys

We are experts in finding the right approach for bringing to light your most troublesome blind spots. Whether you are a candidate looking to understand opinion in your district, a company seeking to understand the market for their products, or a nonprofit striving to understand your donors’ motivations — we can help design a survey to uncover critical insights.

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Scientifically Identify the Most Persuasive Messages

Determine which messages or pieces of creative are most persuasive across different audience segments — and which may cause backlash — using Creative Focus. We use a randomized controlled trial framework, widely considered the gold standard in social science, to minimize bias.

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Enable Precision Campaigns and Activations

Audience Center offers a single source of truth for data-driven customer segmentation, prioritization, and identification. Users can deploy our time-tested and scientifically-rigorous predictive models in conjunction with their own first-party data to understand who they need to reach, how best to reach them, what to say to change behavior, and take action to activate an audience directly from the tool.

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Find Out What Is Driving Behaviors

Get insights into what is driving behavior of your audience while augmenting your first-party data with our custom surveys. We combine our ability to augment your first-party data with our best-in-class social science and analytics to unlock insights about how your audience interacts with you and what is an effective way to drive specific outcomes.

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