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The Census Intelligence Center in Action
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Census Intelligence Center

Meet Census Intelligence Center, a comprehensive toolkit by Civis made to support Census coordinators, elected leadership, foundations, and Complete Count Committees in their efforts to manage a data-driven campaign & avoid an undercount.
Blog Post | 11.25.19

A letter from our CEO: What a Census undercount means for the private sector

Below is an open letter to the business community from Civis Founder and CEO, Dan Wagner. I’m writing today about something near and dear to my data-driven heart: the 2020 U.S. Census. I’m not asking for anything — I just want to make sure that I share my data science perspective on the Census for … Continued
Gov Love Census 2020 Podcast
Podcast | 9.27.2019

A Data-Driven Approach to the 2020 Census

Chris Dick and Mo Cheeks from our Civis Analytics team join the Gov Love podcast to talk about their work and engaging with local governments around Census 2020. They talked about using data in a Census outreach campaign.
Webinar | 9.25.2019

The importance of the 2020 Census and data driven marketing

We’ll give you a comprehensive look at what battles we’re facing in the upcoming Census and our best practices for ensuring a complete count. This five-part educational series will show you how data-driven counting with optimized outreach messaging can be put into practice.
Webinar: Census 2020 - Understanding your population: tools and tricks
Webinar | 10.15.2019

Understanding your population: Tools and tricks

In the second part of our 5 part webinar series on data driven approaches to ensure a complete count, we delve into the topic of developing a complete understanding of your population. Topics will cover data sources and tools available to you in order to better understand your entire population -- whether hard or easy to count.
Webinar: Census 2020 - What motivates or scares your population
Webinar | 10.31.2019

What motivates or scares your population? How can you know?

The same message will not work for everyone in your community. Learn how and why to segment and test your messages. Some messages delivered to the wrong population at the right time can actually have the opposite effect of motivating your population. We'll teach you how to avoid this and other pitfalls.
Webinar: Census 2020 - Implementing your campaign through the right messenger, mode and message
Webinar | 11.19.2019

Implementing your campaign through the right messenger, mode and message

Ensuring a complete count requires not only understanding who your audience is and what they care about, it requires getting the right message, from the right messenger in front of them at the right time. The insights from this event will be integral in executing your messaging strategy and implementing a campaign that can motivate the action of completing the census by your target segments.
Podcast | 9.22.2019

Data Science Tools for the 2020 Census

Chris Dick, Director of Applied Data Science at Civis Analytics, guests to discuss how data science approaches are being used to increase participation in the 2020 US Census. He talks about some of the political and financial challenges facing the census, what types of data are being used models of hard-to-count communities, and how different types of messaging can either increase or decrease Census response rates.
Whitepaper: Census 2020 messaging
Whitepaper | 1.15.2019

Census 2020 Participation: It's All About the Message

To better understand how to improve 2020 Census response rates, we set up a Creative Focus test to determine the likelihood of citizens to respond and encourage other to the Census. We also looked at the efficacy of four different messages to influence those actions.
Census 2020 GovTech Article
Article | 9.25.2019

Take a Data-Driven Approach to the Census

With the 2020 U.S. Census approaching, government organizations and community groups aimed at supporting the count have access to an unprecedented level of data. Understanding how to use that is vital.
Blog Post | 12.2.19

2020 Census Kicks Off in Exactly One Year

One year from today, everyone living in the United States will be asked to respond to the decennial Census, our once-in-a-decade chance to do our civic duty. The Census is used for political reapportionment and redistricting, Federal funding allocation, business decisions, and so much more. Many cities, counties, and states are rightly concerned that the 2020 enumeration will … Continued
Blog Post | 12.5.19

Census 2020: One of our country’s most important marketing campaigns

The Census — a constitutionally mandated count of all residents in the United States — occurs only once every 10 years, so it’s not always top of mind. But, what many don’t realize is the importance of an accurate count. Census data is used to reapportion political representation for states and local areas; as a … Continued
Census Intelligence Center Demo
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Product Demo - Census Intelligence Center 01

Civis Analytics Solution Architect takes you through a brief demo of the Census Intelligence Center (CIC), designed to help State and Local Governments take a data-driven approach to achieving the goal of a complete and accurate 2020 Census count. See some sample client use cases and capabilities of the CIC application in this short video.
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Product Demo - Census Intelligence Center 02

Civis Analytics Data Scientist, Sherry Shenker, takes you through some more use cases of the Census Intelligence Center and showcases the features and flexibility of the platform.