New: Civis Census Intelligence Center
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Build a Data-Driven Census 2020 Campaign

Avoid an undercount in your community

Meet Census Intelligence Center, a comprehensive toolkit by Civis made to support Census coordinators, elected leadership, foundations, and Complete Count Committees in their efforts to manage a data-driven campaign & avoid an undercount.

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Understand risk in your community & better understand your HTC segments

Census Intelligence Center brings together a unique set of tools that will ensure that all stakeholders have a shared understanding of their key Hard To Count (HTC) populations and how best to reach them.

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Develop the most persuasive Census 2020 messaging

Gain access to our easy-to-use message testing software, Creative Focus, to identify the most impactful messaging for your Hard To Count (HTC) populations to avoid an undercount.

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Leverage custom models for precise Census outreach

With Census Intelligence Center, you'll have access to a suite of customizable, interactive maps for pinpointing areas of low response levels in your community that provide much more granularity than Census products.

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Share and activate HTC audience segments

Distribute rich demographic profiles of your community's HTC audiences with trusted partners to kickstart your data-driven Census campaign.

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Access to world-class training and support

Our support team will provide training and monthly webinars for all Census Intelligence Center subscribers.

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Identify the most impactful message

Determine the most impactful messaging for reaching out to your community about the Census. We'll arm your team with our quantitative message testing infrastructure, Creative Focus to test how audiences will react to your Census 2020 campaign pre-launch.

Save & activate your audiences

Outreach through local community partners will drive response rates - but are you aware of what population each partner is trying to reach, and what the potential impact on response rates could be? Audience Profiler provides rich demographic profiles of key populations of interest through an easy-to-use interface.

Monitor responses with precision

With access to our Response-Rate Tracker, you'll have access to a daily customized update of Census response data mapped to your geography. This will even include a comparison to previous response patterns to identify areas that have lower-than-expected response rates, allowing your team to reallocate resources where they're needed most.

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