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Key Insights — August 2021

  • With the COVID-19 vaccine now available to all U.S. adults, Civis Analytics updated its survey question tracking vaccine hesitancy to determine unvaccinated respondents’ likelihood of receiving the vaccine.
  • Per our most recent model, as of Aug. 24 an estimated 24% of U.S. adults remain hesitant to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, a 5 percentage-point drop in hesitancy compared to Civis’s June 2021 estimates.

For more information on how hesitancy has changed over time, see our recent blog post.

Understanding the Findings

Achieving herd immunity against COVID-19 hinges on ensuring vaccine supply and demand. With supply gaining momentum, the focus now shifts to boosting demand and neutralizing hesitancy to take the vaccine as it becomes widely available — and as the map above illustrates, there is much work to be done. Civis Analytics knows from past experience supporting large-scale public outreach efforts that a campaign-style approach, fueled by smart data analysis and underpinned by technology, achieves results. We offer ready-made tools to scientifically validate which vaccine adoption and acceptance messages resonate most deeply with target audiences. Please view the adjacent video for information on using this vaccine hesitancy map. For insight into how Civis’s online message testing tool enables public health outreach that is clearer, more concise, and ultimately more convincing.

We can help target the right audience with the exact right message.

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