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Media Coverage | 11.28.18

CRN: The 10 Hottest Data Analytics Startups of 2018

Civis Analytics makes CRN's annual list of the top ten hottest data analytics startups of 2018, mentioning how Civis's sales to the public sector have tripled compared to the first half of 2017.
Press Release | 11.27.18

PR Newswire: Civis Analytics Now Accepting Applications for Fourth Annual Ask America Anything Contest

In honor of Giving Tuesday, Civis announces the fourth annual Ask America Anything contest supporting nonprofits. The three nonprofit winners of this contest will receive a free test through Civis's Creative Focus.
Media Coverage | 11.19.18

MM&M: Want people to get their flu shots? Create campaigns that tap into altruism

MM&M covers Civis's research on creating the most effective flu-shot campaign, diving into how Civis surveyed 2,400 adults with different messaging approaches in order to identify the most impactful message for promoting the vaccination.
Media Coverage | 11.05.18

Drug Store News: Survey: Retail clinic visits drive in-store purchases

Drug Store News reports on Civis's research on retail clinics, highlighting how these retail clinic visits are driving in-store purchases.
Media Coverage | 11.07.18

Route Fifty: FEMA Aid Misses Both the Big and Small Picture

Route Fifty shares the City of Houston's plans to better prepare for future hurricanes, highlighting the ongoing story behind Houston's partnership with Civis Analytics and Dewberry.
Media Coverage | 11.05.18

How small-dollar donations can make an impact right up until the polls close

Fast Company reports on Civis's partnership with Crooked Media to create a comprehensive voter guide, revealing a list of House of Representative races where donations could have the most impact.
Press Release | 11.01.18

PR Newswire: Retail clinics are driving in-store purchases, according to new Civis Analytics research

PR Newswire announces new research by Civis exploring the demographics and motivations of retail clinic patients, and how these visits impact spending behavior in the retail portions of the stores.
Media Coverage | 10.29.18

Vice: Civis's Partnership with The Invisible Institute

Vice covers Civis's partnership with The Invisible Institute to better understand potentially wrongful convictions through analyzing prison letters using data science.
Media Coverage | 10.26.18

Emergency Management: Partners Help Houston with Data Analytics Assessments of Unmet Needs After Hurricane Harvey

Emergency Management describes the collaboration between the City of Houston, Dewberry, and Civis Analytics in order to assess the damage in Houston from Hurricane Harvey.
Media Coverage | 10.25.18

TheBridge: Profile on Christine Campigotto

The Bridge interviews Civis's Director of Political & Nonprofit Analytics Christine Campigotto on career advice, her morning routine, and how Civis is bridging the gap between politics and tech.
Media Coverage | 10.22.18

CityLab: Reconstructing Hurricane Harvey to Find Its Overlooked Victims

The Atlantic's CityLab covers Civis's partnership with the City of Houston and Dewberry Engineering to understand Houston's un-met needs following Hurricane Harvey.
Media Coverage | 10.19.18

G2 Crowd: 7 Tech Experts Give us Their Big Data Predictions by 2021

G2 Crowd interviews Civis's Co-Director of Data Science Research and Development Skipper Seabold regarding his insight into the anatomy of data science jobs by 2021.
Media Coverage | 10.15.18

Fast Company: Big data determines that post-disaster aid doesn’t go to the people who most need it

Fast Company covers Civis's collaboration with Dewberry Engineering and the City of Houston, detailing how we've helped the city assess damage and identify remaining pockets of need in the city after Hurricane Harvey.
Media Coverage | 10.05.18

The Wall Street Journal: How Many People Live on Nantucket? Depends Whom You Ask

The Wall Street Journal covers Nantucket Data Platform's work with Civis, and how they used Civis technology to estimate the true resident population of Nantucket.
Media Coverage | 10.3.18

VentureBeat: Civis Analytics uses predictive modeling to help the City of Houston

VentureBeat's article highlights how Civis has been aiding the recovery process for the City of Houston using predictive modeling to evaluate Harvey's damage, identify victims that still need relief, and provide insight about the city's infrastructure that will inform future disaster preparation.
Media Coverage | 10.02.18

Digiday: Advertising Week Briefing (McDonald's Interview)

Digiday's Advertising Week brief for 2018 includes a short interview with David Galinsky, Director of Customer Data Science at McDonald's, about how Civis has helped McDonald's leverage data science to amplify their marketing efforts and understand their customer.
Media Coverage | 9.27.18

Route Fifty: Making Rescue Volunteers Part of the Official Response

Inspiring read about CrowdSource Rescue's efforts during Hurricane Harvey, mentioning Civis's work with the City of Houston analyzing the storm's damage to inform future hurricane preparation for the city.
Media Coverage | 9.19.18

Chicago Inno: Chicago Inno's 2018 50 on Fire

Civis Analytics makes Chicago Inno's annual 50 on Fire list, showcasing 50 people and companies that are heating up the Chicago tech industry.
Media Coverage | 9.13.18

Vox: There are solutions to the opioid epidemic. Here’s how you convince people to support them.

A new survey of more than 5,500 Americans by Civis Analytics provides some hints for advocates looking to build public support for policy responses to the opioid crisis.
Media Coverage | 8.27.18

Crooked Media: The Wilderness, Chapter Eleven, "The Filter"

Listen as our CEO and founder, Dan Wagner, speaks about rethinking the way we communicate with the public on episode eleven of Crooked Media’s The Wilderness podcast
Media Coverage | 8.22.18

TechTarget: Data scientists weigh in: 5 data science tools to consider

Katie Malone, Director of Data Science Research and Development, is interviewed about her favorite data science tools for enterprise tech outlet TechTarget.
Media Coverage | 8.22.18

Built in Chicago: 3 Chicago tech leaders share their secrets to making time for their teams

Built in Chicago features our VP of Engineering, Brian Fritton, on ways to be a supportive leader & staying close to his team.
Media Coverage | 8.07.18

AWS Partner Network Blog

AWS names Civis Analytics a launch partner for the new AWS Nonprofit Competency Program, highlighting how our software helped Robin Hood Foundation fill the participation gap of 10,000 people who were eligible for more than $15 million in benefits.
Media Coverage | 7.25.18

Campaign and Elections: 2018 RISING STARS

Civis Applied Data Science Manager, Jesse Stinebring, is showcased in Campaign and Elections’ 2018 Rising Stars, for his work with our political clients.
Media Coverage | 7.16.18

Crain’s Chicago Business: Meet the Crain's Tech 50 of 2018

Civis Director of Data Science Research and Development, Katie Malone, makes Crain’s Tech 50 of 2018.
Media Coverage | 7.12.18

TechRepublic: 10 questions data scientists should ask employers during a job interview

For this TechRepublic article, Crystal Son & Ellen Houston from Civis Analytics provide some helpful questions employers should ask when being considered for data science positions.
Media Coverage | 7.08.18

VentureBeat: Universities and legacy industries are giving rise to the Midwest’s AI startups

Civis Analytics makes VentureBeat’s list of Midwest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning startups to watch.
Media Coverage | 7.06.18

CRN: The 10 Top Big Data Startups Of 2018

CRN names Civis Analytics as a top ten big data startup of 2018.
Media Coverage | 7.03.18

Vox: Donald Trump, the resistance, and the limits of normcore politics

Vox’s article on Trumpian politics point out how Civis Analytics’ work with Priorities USA during the Alabama special election focused on what messages did the best job of motivating African Americans to turn out and vote.
Media Coverage | 7.02.18

FiveThirtyEight: Damn, We Wish We’d Done These 6 Stories Last Month

FiveThirtyEight’s article features Civis blog post about “The best Mario Kart character according to data science,” written by Senior Data Scientist, Henry Hinnefeld.
Blog | 6.08.18

The best Mario Kart character according to data science

Henry Hinnefeld uses the power of data science to discover the best Mario Kart character for our blog.
Press Release | 8.14.18

PR Newswire: Civis Analytics Triples Growth in Public Sector Industry

PR Newswire announces our significant momentum in the public sector industry. Since H1 2017, we tripled revenue from Federal, State, and Local government clients.