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See Identity Resolution in action.

Then, learn more about how and why we built Identity Resolution — directly from the data scientists and engineers who built the technology.



Personalize Your Outreach

Create and execute multi-channel campaigns that get the right message to the right person. Personalize messaging and outreach to your most valuable customers, donors, or constituents.

Make Smarter Decisions

With a new, accurate understanding of who comprises your audiences, you’ll improve your attribution and have a better understanding of how people interact with your organization across all your systems.

Save Money

Your outreach costs money and resources. Identity resolution helps eliminate the costs of duplicate outreach to the same individual by unifying multiple records into one.

people gathered around devices analysing data

Chances Are, Your Person-level Data Is a Mess

Data about people is messy and disconnected. The average organization works with eight different databases that pull in person-level data. Without a complete picture of the customers, donors, volunteers, or citizens that make up your audience, your teams can’t do effective analysis, targeting, or messaging. We’re here to help.

What’s Under the Hood

State of the Art Record Linkage Algorithm

Bleeding edge machine learning informed by years of domain expertise.

Golden Table

Unifies the best pieces of contact information across all data sources and creates a single best profile of every person.

Profile Enrichment with Civis Data

Augment your data with proprietary Civis person-level data to provide a more complete view of the people you care about most.

Customizable Rules

You know your audience better than any algorithm. IDR allows you to set custom rules and thresholds.

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