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Leverage Data-driven Message Testing

Creative Focus is designed to help organizations identify their most persuasive message and reach the right people with that message. Take a look at how Creative Focus works.

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Determine the Persuasion Effect
Before You Plan Your Ad Buy

Our testing solution focuses on causation to determine your message’s motivational impact on your most important audiences. You can test all the ways you’ll implement your campaign:

  • Text-based messaging
  • Images and creative concepts
  • Video

Creative Focus can be used before a campaign begins to identify which messaging strategy is most effective. You can then test finalized ads and new messages as your campaign runs, collecting understandings and higher-level insights about what works and what doesn’t.

NEW Audience Seeds Extension

Make your Creative Focus test even more impactful by focusing your ad buy on the audiences or geographic targets most receptive to your messaging. Our data science-driven model ranks the persuasiveness of your creative on every individual in Civis Data comprised of 230 million Americans. You can use these persuasion scores to build your own model, or we can cut a list of the most persuaded individuals and/or geographic clusters so you can extend your campaign to lookalike audiences across social media.

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“Using the right messaging with the right audience in the right place is critical to a successful communications strategy.

Creative Focus gave us timely data to make informed messaging decisions.”

Director of Communications, Policy and Advocacy
Erika Briceño Howard
Director of Communications, Policy and AdvocacyUnited Nations Foundation

A Record of Success

Brands, campaigns, and nonprofit organizations have already leveraged Creative Focus to improve their ad buys and digital precision.

Persuasion is the most important part of messaging. Here’s the right way to test for it.

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Avoid Backlash

Creative Focus also measures your ad’s potential for negative impact, so you can avoid wasting money on messaging that could directly hinder your efforts or tarnish your image.

Metrics That Matter

With research indicating minimal correlation between popularity and action, we don’t focus on vanity metrics like clicks or shares. We measure the true incremental impact of an ad so you know with confidence which message will deliver results — and with whom.

Learn Fast

Run multiple image, message, and video ad tests, then access the results in a matter of days. You’ll have a clear understanding of which ads will be persuasive and help achieve your goals.

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