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    Implementing a constituent relationship management (CRM) tool, or migrating to a new platform, is one of the most important steps a data-driven nonprofit can take. The CRM is a mission-critical piece of technology, and for many nonprofits, it’s the cornerstone of their engagement tech stack.

    But is your CRM alone enough to turn your data into analytical insights? Developing a true 360-degree view of your supporters and executing analytics-powered campaigns often requires an array of technology and expertise that goes far beyond the CRM. When nonprofits rely on this tool to be all things to all people, it can lead to frustrated users, technical debt, and an incomplete picture of your donors and supporters.

    Civis Analytics + Cause Craft Consulting

    Civis Analytics and Cause Craft Consulting collectively have helped hundreds of nonprofits develop and implement data strategies, and they’re uniquely suited to exploring the role the CRM plays in modern analytics.

    Join experts from both organizations as they discuss:

    • The advantages and limitations of a modern CRM
    • How to develop an analytics strategy that drives technological and organizational investments
    • Real-world lessons from nonprofit organizations that have already taken this analytics journey

    Webinar Speakers

    Sarah Autry Headshot

    Sarah Autry

    Director of CRM Strategy, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières

    Sarah Autry is the Director of CRM Strategy at Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières, where she is leading a large CRM implementation. She has spent her career leading transformative tech projects at large, complex nonprofits, including as the Director of CRM Business Systems at WNET New York Public Media and as the Director of Business Systems at the Union for Reform Judaism. She lives in New York City with too many musical instruments.

    Anna Berman Headshot

    Anna Berman

    Sr. Applied Data Scientist, Civis Analytics

    Anna Berman is a Senior Applied Data Scientist at Civis Analytics, where she works closely with organizations to design and implement technology projects, including architecting Data Warehouses and ETL pipelines, that help advance their strategic goals. Prior to Civis, Anna worked as a researcher and a consultant across the nonprofit and private sectors where she developed user-friendly data architectures and helped marketing professionals understand key business and consumer trends.

    Justin Birdson Headshot

    Justin Birdsong

    Vice President, Cause Craft Consulting

    Justin Birdsong (he/him) is Vice President of Cause Craft Consulting, providing strategic consulting for nonprofits and global NGOs spanning organizational development and design, CRM strategy, data governance, business process engineering, and change management. Prior to Cause Craft, he led the nationwide CRM program at the ACLU. He holds a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania and currently lives in Jersey City, NJ with his partner and the three best-behaved cats in the world.

    Jenny Sy Headshot

    Jenny Sy

    Data Science Manager, USA for UNHCR

    Jenny is a Data Science Manager at USA for UNHCR where she shares her database, analytics, and consulting experience to advance the organization’s data maturity. She is part of the Hive, USA for UNHCR’s innovation lab responsible for bringing data science, machine learning, and new technologies into the fundraising operations for refugees. Prior to this role, she has worked as a data scientist and analyst in the advertising and manufacturing industry. Jenny also serves on the Board of Directors for the nonprofit, Women in Machine Learning, Inc.