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Workflows Built for Automation

Create complex, version-controlled data workflows with our visual graph editor while receiving real-time output previews. Once you have everything set up, run the workflow on a predefined schedule, or start running your pipeline right away. Connect scripts and notebooks to orchestrate your data pipelines directly in Platform. Make clean data the start of your AI journey.

Language-Agnostic Scripting

Process your data in your language of choice — including Python, R, SQL, dbt, and JavaScript. Your team can write code in our preconfigured environments or specify any Docker image, making it easy to analyze data in your preferred language while working together seamlessly. Parameterized scripts empower decision makers to self-serve analytics.

Powerful Reporting

Turn your data insights into clean and actionable reports for stakeholders. You can see and publish Tableau reports in Platform, create a custom dashboard using R Shiny or Flask, or use data connectors from Platform to bring your data into the tool of your choice, like Google Data Studio.

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“We turned to data science and Civis Platform to help us identify new mid-level donors to help fill revenue gaps that emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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Deputy Director, Data & Analytics
Summer Putnam
Deputy Director, Data & AnalyticsHuman Rights Campaign

Advanced Analytics Features to Boost Centralization and Collaboration


Flexible Imports and Exports

Civis Platform supports data from a wide range of sources (e.g., Salesforce, Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge, NGP-VAN, MySQL, Google Sheets), or you can use our API clients to build custom integrations. Seamless exports make Platform your source of truth.

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Query Tool

Our built-in SQL query tool is a smarter, more streamlined way to interact with your data for analysis and discovery. Import your query directly into a workflow to automate or extend your data pipelines.


Built for Scale

Platform scales with you as your data grows and becomes more complex. Use our pre-built Docker images or bring your own. And don’t worry about creating a new EC2 instance or managing your own Kubernetes clusters — we’ll handle that for you.


Address Standardization and Geocoding

Normalize your geographic data with our built-in geocoder, and use CASS/NCOA to make sure you have the most accurate address data available.


Data Linkage and Enrichment

Civis’s AI-based Identity Resolution tool links your records across platforms to give you a complete view of your members and donors. Augment your records with hundreds of Civis’s person-level data attributes — demographics, activities, and interests — informed by close to a million nationwide survey responses.

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Your Team’s Data Catalog

Centralize all of your data and keep it organized with our Data Catalog: Label, document, and group all of your sources, and always know which is the golden table.


Jupyter Notebooks

Start working with your data directly in notebooks that can be synced via GitHub. Jupyter Notebooks are integrated directly into Platform, so you can write R or Python to explore your tables, build your models, and generate reports using your data and our architecture.


GitHub Integration

Maintain version control through our direct GitHub integration. You can sync your scripts, workflows, and notebooks, so your work is always up to date. Auto-Checkout the latest commit from Git before each run, or select a tag to ensure the script always runs a specific commit. Explore our public repo to see examples of workflows with complex job dependencies.

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Fully-managed, or BYO Warehouse

Bring the power of Civis Platform to your existing warehouse, or let us handle it all. Our architecture is built to make the most of AWS’s scalable, parallelized Redshift clusters, or GCP BigQuery’s massive scale. Leverage traditional warehouse or flexible lakehouse architectures to break down data silos without having to manage your own cluster.

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Secure & Trusted Partner

Our architecture, products, and processes are designed specifically to protect your data. We comply with industry-leading confidentiality, integrity, and availability standards. You can trust that your information is secure and actionable thanks to our cloud partnerships with both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Civis Platform is also SOC 2 Type II-certified.

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Amazon Web Services

We are certified in both the Nonprofit and Data / Analytics competencies for AWS.

Google Cloud Partner

Google Cloud Services

We are proud to partner with GCP and offer Civis Platform accelerated by Google Cloud.


SOC-2 Type-2 Certified

Download our SOC 2 Type II-certified.

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Dismantle Data Silos and Uncover Game-changing Strategic Insights

Data Warehouse

A centralized data warehouse democratizes access and information across the organization, establishing a culture of frictionless, data-driven decision making.

Civis Platform is a flexible, scalable data management solution that makes it easy for organizations to import, transform, analyze, and report on their data. The cloud-based Platform allows authorized stakeholders to collaborate in a secure, centralized environment; more quickly generate data-informed insights; and close the loop on measurement, activation, and attribution.

AI Engine 

An AI engine maximizes the value and utility of the organization’s data insights, propelling decision makers to act more effectively and more efficiently.

Civis Platform’s AI engine fits seamlessly atop its data warehouse, offering analysts and data scientists the tools to more clearly identify and interpret key strategic findings. Build and activate audience segments from Civis models, and engage the right people to receive your most persuasive messages.

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We can answer questions about integration, warehousing, and industry-specific utilization and insights.

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