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    As nonprofit organizations face industry challenges around list growth, donor retention, results reporting and beyond, the sentiment grows that if only we knew more about who is on the other end of our emails, our texts, our match campaigns, our re-activation efforts, we could be better equipped to connect with them.

    Fortunately, the solution to many of these challenges exists – and it lies in your data. By extracting more from the data you already have – and from resources like digital co-ops – you can enrich your understanding of your audience and use it to drive an engaging, compelling fundraising program.

    Civis Analytics + MissionWired

    Civis Analytics and MissionWired collectively have helped hundreds of nonprofits develop a better understanding of their supporters and convince them to take action. This webinar will feature insights from both teams, along with real-world case studies and examples from major nonprofits.


    Tune in to this on-demand webinar to hear the speakers discuss:

    1. The top challenges facing nonprofits today – and how extracting more from the data you already have can help you solve those challenges effectively.
    2. The insights your data can provide to help enrich your understanding of your supporters, allowing you to communicate meaningfully and authentically.
    3. Case studies from organizations that have found success utilizing their data to inform their strategies, solve challenges, break fundraising goals, and broaden their audience of supporters.

    Webinar Speakers


    Tom Conroy

    Civis Analytics

    Tom Conroy is an Applied Data Scientist on the Data Solutions Team at Civis Analytics. While at Civis, he has helped nonprofits better understand public opinion through survey research, more effectively engage with audiences with advanced machine learning models, and optimize their data workflows by constructing data pipeline and reporting systems. Tom previously worked on ensuring equitable resource distribution as a data analyst at Chicago Public Schools and as a researcher focusing on global food system sustainability and fortification at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


    Lee Henderson

    Everytown for Gun Safety / Moms Demand Action

    Lee is a political strategist and has worked for many local, state, and national campaigns, both in electoral and non-profit advocacy. Lee is currently employed by Everytown for Gun Safety / Moms Demand Action. In a previous career, Lee was a chief financial officer for a telecom products company. Lee is personally committed to the ACLU’s work that will bring a fairer and freer Texas for his family.


    Maureen McNally


    MissionWired Chief Growth Officer Maureen McNally has brought her decade-plus of expertise in cutting-edge digital fundraising and strategy to the firm’s largest nonprofit clients, including the USO and Save the Children, for whom she’s driven incredible year-over-year email revenue increases of 54% and 38%, respectively. As Chief Growth Officer, Maureen leads the expansion of the AdvantageAI digital co-op, which has raised $72 million in two years for 100-plus partners. Before joining MissionWired, Maureen led the digital program at Special Olympics, with a focus on fundraising and cultivation across all channels and continents. Her work in the digital space drove the largest year ever for Special Olympics, setting records in revenue, engagement, and list size.