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Public sector organizations work with more data than ever before, and while this information presents tremendous opportunities, it also poses unprecedented challenges.

Civis Analytics’ Data for Gov Summit, held virtually Oct. 26, 2021, spotlighted data science’s transformative impact on American government, delivering a wide array of interactive sessions and expert perspectives for everyone from aspiring technologists to experienced data practitioners. 

Bringing together speakers from the federal, state, and local government levels, as well as private industry — among them representatives from USAID, the CDC, Civin, ICF Next, Upstream, the cities of Chicago, West Hollywood, and Norfolk, and the states of Illinois and Minnesota — the Data for Gov Summit delivered a comprehensive, nuanced portrait of how public sector decision makers are leveraging data to drive progress and improve outcomes for their constituents. Sessions focused on topics like: 

  • How to effectively harness data to make better decisions 
  • How to maintain security and trust 
  • How to ensure data is used in an equitable manner 
  • How data will help us solve the next COVID-level crisis

For a deeper dive into the Data for Gov slide presentations:

people gathered around devices analysing data

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