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This toolkit supplies information and best practices to empower data-driven outreach campaigns showcasing messages and messengers that are scientifically proven to increase vaccination acceptance and adoption among target audiences.

The COVID Vaccine Campaign Toolkit is divided into three sections:

Messaging and Messenger Guidelines

Follow the links below to access findings and recommendations from Civis Analytics research designed to ensure the most persuasive language is used for each target audience.

Feb. 2021

Presentation to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Promoting COVID-19 Vaccines and Overcoming Hesitancy

Resource Allocation Guidelines

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Vaccine Outreach Intelligence Center (VOIC): the tools you need to rapidly identify who to reach and how best to reach them with data and research insights.

The VOIC includes the Nationwide Vaccine Hesitancy Map for visualizing which U.S. counties are most likely to need additional intervention to drive up vaccination rates.

Best Practices/Process Guidelines

Follow the link below to explore Civis’s five-step strategy for supporting and implementing a data-driven vaccine outreach campaign that ensures organizations deliver the right message to the right audience.

Data-driven Public Health Outreach

“Just like every aspect of our coronavirus response, the state of Illinois’ COVID communications is rooted in science and data.”

We’ve worked with Civis to test which messages work most effectively to increase mask-wearing, participation in contact tracing and willingness to get the vaccine. With all the topics we’ve tested, we’ve seen that personal benefits are what resonate with people — meeting people where they are and giving them straightforward reasons to do what’s right.

Alex Hanns
Deputy Press SecretaryState of Illinois

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