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Rapidly identify who you need to reach and how best to reach them with data, research insights, and tools

The Vaccine Outreach Intelligence Center from Civis Analytics is the tool tailor made to increase vaccine awareness and acceptance, even with difficult to reach audiences.

County-by-county heat map of Illinois showing the likelihood of citizens to receive a COVID-19 vaccine

Understand your community

See where the greatest need is, by looking at fine-grained hesitancy models, along side up to date vaccination data.

Vaccine Hesitancy Findings

Find the best message

The right messaging can significantly impact vaccine awareness and hesitancy. Civis can offer our quantitative message testing infrastructure, Creative Focus, to determine the most impactful message for each audience in your specific community.

Interactive map in Civis Platform showing more details around the county-by-county breakdown of Illinois.

Identify the right population

We provide rich demographic profiles of key populations of interest through an easy to use interface, making your outreach easier and more effective.

people gathered around devices analysing data

We can help you solve your big data problems with our data-focused infrastructure and social science.

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Jumpstart on data assembly

Planning, deploying, and measuring the impact of outreach campaigns requires collecting and assembling a wealth of data. Civis’s Vaccine Outreach Intelligence Center (VOIC) comes packaged with these data, allowing you to take advantage of linked, harmonized, and geolocated data sources that are otherwise siloed and a burden on your teams to maintain. Civis manages the data and app refresh, saving your team weeks of time and effort.

Modeled metrics of interest

Publicly available demographic, economic, and health status data are only proxies for key quantities of interest. Who is hesitant to be vaccinated? How do you distinguish hesitant persons from those lacking the digital literacy to navigate the appointment system? Civis combines public data with surveys and other vital data assets to build custom models that deliver the next level of insight needed to drive outreach.

Visibility and collaboration

VOIC supports multiple vaccination deployment functions at public health agencies and state leadership, driving insights that are actionable, not just informative. Communications staff can build custom target geographies to shape campaigns; and program directors can use the map-based interface to glean high-level insights into progress and priorities. Teams can collaborate with confidence, knowing they’re working from the same playbook.

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