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What Can You Do When Your Data Is Superpowered?

You have data. You have data across your organization, in different silos and different departments. But too often, it’s confusing. It’s cluttered. It’s inaccessible. It’s not powerful.

With Civis, you can supercharge your data. You’ll reduce redundancy, streamline information flows, and share what’s most important.

Use Cases in the Real World

Explore How We’ve Helped Solve Some of the Most Difficult Data Problems

Enrich, clean, and unify your data so you can solve your biggest problems.


Collaborate in a Centralized Environment, Across Teams

When all silos are broken and all your data is accessible, you can share, collaborate, and create together. This means that you have one team, working together toward a common goal.

Our work with the City of LA helped streamline civic access


Build a Unified, 360-Degree Audience View

Audiences interact with your organization in many different ways, but if you’re only seeing one slice, you’re not getting the full picture. Unifying data means creating a comprehensive audience portrait for every individual.

See our solution for The Human Rights Campaign


Understand Your Audience’s Journey

When do audiences interact with your messaging? When do they take action? What keeps them interested? Knowing this can help you continually refine your outreach.

See how we helped Lyric Opera build loyalty


Report Findings With Confidence

If you have to report the outcome of any campaign, you are going to want to bring data. Our easy platform helps you measure results and create easy-to-understand reports to show why you were a success.

We helped the IL Treasurer create more equity


Hear Directly From Your Audience

Data is better used when filters are removed and you can hear what your audiences are actually saying. We help you get relevant responses from the right people, to continually improve your messaging.

View our COVID-19 findings with the Gates Foundation


Identify Your Most Persuasive Messages and Placements

Target better, distribute better, and craft more effective messaging. With more accurate and comprehensive data, you can see what is working, what isn’t, and what to do next.

The Bail Project used Civis to identify messages to drive change


Measure Program Impact

Good ROI is how you measure success in any outreach program. Unified, silo-less data helps you see what messages and programs are driving action and leading toward measurable outcomes.

mRelief optimized SNAP benefits signups with Civis

CustomSolutions Opt2

Create Custom Solutions to Support Goals

Every organization has its own goals that change throughout the year. So don’t get stuck in a box: create custom solutions that empower your data, your way, so you can forge your own path.

We helped Discovery with their data-driven solution to media planning

Woman taking notes off of something she sees on a laptop screen

How Will You Use Our Use Cases?

You know what you can do with Civis. We can’t wait to see what you will do. If you’re just as ready to empower your data, let’s start that conversation.

Start the conversation about your data goals

“With access to the Civis Platform, we had the foundation to transform into a massive, data-driven coalition of 6,700 partner organizations.”

We used the data in cutting-edge ways to identify, target, and engage. Civis Platform massively increased our effectiveness to reach the uninsured and employ those tactics.

Anne Filipic
PresidentEnroll America

How Will You Use Better Data? Your Way.

You need to do things differently. You want to stand out from the crowd. At Civis Analytics, that means applying real-world solutions to real-world problems.

  • Infrastructure to manage the audience data your organization owns
  • Research tools to understand the audiences you want to know better
  • Data analysis that is always accurate and actionable
  • Dedication to truth at every step of the problem-solving process

That’s our promise to you. That’s the Civis Method.

See more about the Civis Method

Applied Data Science

Let’s Make Data Work For You

Knock down silos. Empower your teams. Make the best use of all your data.

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