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We Help You Turn Your Data Into Campaigns That Drive Action

How we do it:

  • Infrastructure to manage the audience data your organization owns, and research to understand the audiences you want to know better.
  • Tools for marketers, organizers, and creatives to access data, collaborate, and make decisions.
  • Dedicated experts who understand your unique challenges, and put you on the path to self-sufficiency.

At the end of the day, data is about people. It’s about people pushing voters to the polls, improving the customer experience, enhancing city services, or turning supporters into volunteers and donors.

Civis empowers organizations like yours to change the world — by changing the way you reach the people you care about most.

How The Civis Method Works For You



Get The Most Definitive Picture Of Your Audience

Our machine learning-driven identity resolution tech effortlessly gives you a single source of truth, and our proprietary data appends to your data to make it more complete.



Know Your Audience and Pinpoint Your Message

Our unique, scientifically-validated control vs. treatment media measurement methodology shows you how your messages will perform with specific segments of your audience, ensuring you always send the right message to the right people at the right time.



Use Fresh, Authoritative, Precise Data

We’re a tech company that employs a legion of survey and data scientists and we don’t purchase media, so you can trust our research and insights results to the strictest statistical best practices.

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Let us bring our best-in-class methodology to bear on your biggest problems.

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