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As a global leader in data science technology and services, Civis Analytics, Inc. (“Civis”) is committed to transparency in the processing of personal data. This commitment guides our decisions about how, where, and when to collect and share personal data. Our goal is to provide you with clear, easy-to-read explanations about our information practices. This explanatory information applies throughout our businesses and across our websites. We welcome your questions and feedback about our Privacy Policy or our privacy commitments, and invite you to contact us at

As part of our privacy commitment to you, here are the basic components of our Privacy Policy. If you read nothing else, you should read this:


Civis delivers game-changing insights, we solve life-changing problems, and we are relentless in our mission to advance organizational intelligence and build a better, smarter, more aware world through data. Through research, experimentation, and iteration, Civis is transforming how organizations do analytics. Our use of personal data is an integral part of the insights and benefits that we create. We perform world-class, person-level analytics that help our clients reach the right people at the right time with the right message.


We will make our privacy commitments easy to find and easy to read. We know that our work provides real value, and we support an educated public discussion about the value of data science insights for our society.

Notice and Choice.

We will keep you informed of our data policies and of your choices about the marketing use of information about you.


We take the security of your data and our clients’ data very seriously and will use safeguards to protect the data we hold.

Data Quality and Integrity.

We will do our best to work with the most accurate data possible to ensure that we deliver exceptional insights. We welcome any information from you that helps us to improve the quality of our data.


We honor our commitments. When we share information with our service providers, they too must comply with our privacy commitments.


We will always listen to your feedback and we will answer your questions about our Privacy Policy, commitments, and practices. If a dispute should arise, we will be open to resolving it amicably and fairly.

These commitments will grow as our business grows, and as we develop new ways to interact with data. We will keep you informed about these changes through our updated policies.