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Sparklight Interface

Multi Touch Attribution

Sparklight is attribution software built by data scientists that gives marketers deep insight into which campaigns, creatives, and audiences are driving incremental growth.

Civis Media Optimizer

Civis Media Optimizer connects your target audience with our rich viewing database. Proprietary algorithms choose the combination of shows that provide the most efficient audience exposure to meet your goals. Detailed recommendations by ireach, frequency, content type, daypart, and broadcast vs. cable allow you to optimize TV buys at the most granular level.

Attribution Optimization

Optimize to drive the most incremental conversions

Civis technology closes the loop on your digital advertising efforts, allowing you to move your dollars from what isn’t working. Stop advertising to customers that are already going to convert and isolate the audiences that need to be convinced.

Measure causation, not correlation

Say goodbye to ineffective, touch-based attribution models that only measure the correlation of ads against decisions. Sparklight uses advanced machine learning models to provide cross-channel analysis on which marketing tactics are truly delivering the greatest ROI.

Understand the impact of every dollar you spend

Civis technology takes the data you have and enhances it with data science so you can compare performance across channels, markets, or products to make the smartest budget allocation decisions. Become a data-driven decision maker and stop making budget allocation decisions based on last year’s numbers.
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“Discovery is expanding our data-driven decision making and Civis Analytics helps us track the behavior of our superfans across platforms and build stronger consumer engagement across brands.”

Chief Communications Officer
David Leavy
Chief Communications OfficerDiscovery, Inc.

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