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Digital Equity Intelligence Center

The DEIC is a customizable interface of Civis’s digital equity models, publicly available internet usage data, and our own commercially available data on over 250M Americans to identify and describe where the need is, and what kind of digital help would be most valuable.

Introducing the Digital Equity Intelligence Center

Data subscription and configurable tools built for helping address the digital divide—all delivered via the cloud-based, secure Civis platform.

Locate and understand digital gaps in your community

  • Assess where the greatest needs are with curated data specific to broadband access
  • Discover the best outreach activities for the greatest impact
  • Leverage Civis’s exclusive set of data, built and sourced for digital equity outreach
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Start a custom campaign for your city within days

  • Prioritize your resources and create detailed plans informed by data
  • Map, explore, and filter up-to-date digital equity data, configured to your needs
  • Provide a single source of truth to evaluate program impact as a team

Get help from Civis’s experts when you need it

  • Get up and running fast with our implementation experts
  • Ensure your campaigns run smoothly with direct, personalized, user support
  • Leverage Civis’s data science services as your program evolves
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Civis Analytics offers a suite of tools and services to help organizations use data to understand and engage the hardest-to-reach populations.

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