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Data for Good

Data can be used for good… but only if you make good use of your data. Nonprofits have data about donors, vendors, partners, and more. With Civis, you can streamline that data to make it work for you.

When you have that data power, you can:

  • Unify Donor Lists
  • Enable Reporting
  • Expand Footprint
  • Communicate Persuasively

Use data to fulfill your mission

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Let’s talk about how the Civis system works for nonprofits

Supporting nonprofits in their vital missions is in our DNA. Talk to an expert in the how nonprofits can use data to turbocharge their work.

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“Traditionally, nonprofits use the Field of Dreams approach: if you build it they will come. With Civis, we could take a more targeted Moneyball-type approach and turned to data to efficiently reach the right people.”

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See How Data Drives Nonprofits

Driving donations with the right message for each audience

Many nonprofits find themselves at a difficult impasse: while direct cash assistance may be the most effective way to support the communities they serve, it can also be the most…

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How data helped Houston Food Bank nourish the community during the Texas power crisis

When the snow and ice paralyzed southeast Texas, Houston Food Bank leaped into action.  The nation’s largest food bank in terms of distribution, Houston Food Bank presently serves about 124,000…

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Identity Resolution and the Power of Unified Person-level Data

Civis IDR: Your Answer to Siloed, Incomplete, Messy Data on the People who Matter Most Civis Identity Resolution (IDR) is a cloud-based application that links together person-level data from multiple…

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Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, every time

Think you know what audiences are thinking? Think again. Just ask Fellow Americans. The nonprofit organization, which partners with a wide range of creatives to develop white-label campaign ads supporting…

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How The Bail Project unlocks the power of data to win bipartisan support for criminal justice reform

The Bail Project, a nonprofit that provides no-cost bail assistance and pretrial support services for low-income individuals, partnered with Civis Analytics to determine the persuasiveness of its bail reform messages.…

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Data centralization for federated nonprofits made easy

Federated organizations ingest overwhelming volumes of data — everything from intelligence on their beneficiaries to transactional information about their donors and supporters.  Many federated nonprofits are not swimming in data,…

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