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Data is essential to understanding your supporters and pinpointing what inspires them. But too often, this data is siloed, duplicated, and scattered across the organization. The cloud-based Civis Platform consolidates, cleans, and centralizes your data, giving you the power to:

  • Discover audiences and develop more precise segments of your current supporter base
  • More actively personalize messaging efforts, and sharpen your insight into supporter activity and engagement across digital touchpoints
  • Collaborate in a centralized environment to more quickly generate data-driven solutions
  • Close the loop on measurement, activation, and attribution

Centralize Your Data


Creative Focus

Your organization’s success is dependent on its ability to deliver messages that matter to the people that matter most. Don’t guess at your message’s persuasiveness — guarantee it with Civis’s Creative Focus online testing tool, which scientifically determines which messages have the greatest impact on audiences. You can:

  • Precisely quantify a message’s persuasiveness among key audience subgroups 
  • Test multiple messages, and in a matter of days receive clear, concise data on which are most convincing, as well as which audiences are most convinced
  • Measure a message’s potential negative impact, eliminating the risk of wasted spend or damage to campaign goals and brand image

Measure your Creative

Audience Center

Identifying the right message is only half the battle; you must also identify the right people to receive that message. Audience Center is Civis’s no-code data visualization and list-cutting tool that leverages best-in-class models, demographic indicators, and first-party data to enable audience creation and activation. Audience Center:

  • Unifies first-party data and augments it with third-party assets and predictive models to deliver a complete view of your organization’s universe
  • Hones in on a particular demographic category or a range of likely behaviors to segment that universe into actionable audiences
  • Produces a variety of different visualizations (e.g., maps, bar charts, distribution plots, index rankings, and time-series graphs) to surface insights that can be used to further refine or expand your audiences
  • Cuts lists of individuals that meet your specific audience criteria, and sends those lists directly to a data management platform, CRM, or other external system

Segment Your Audience

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“By partnering with Civis, we’ve developed a deeper understanding of the interests and motivations of our donors to better tailor our campaign work and develop new avenues to onboard donors.

And, through these insights we’ve been able to develop sustainer modeling to find the best targets and cultivate long-term donor relationships.”

Director, Insights and Data Strategy
Kate McKenney
Director, Insights and Data StrategyNatural Resources Defense Council
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