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Media Mix Modeling

Our team of media experts are adept at providing you a holistic view of your campaign’s performance — before you go to market.

We can:

  • Simulate dozens of media allocation scenarios for your campaigns.
  • Help you create a plan that maximizes return on investment.
  • Track your historical marketing performance.
  • Optimize media allocation and budget based on campaign characteristics.
Media Mix Modeling (MMM), n.

A modeling technique that uses aggregated data to measure the effects of advertising channels to determine how they contribute to an advertiser’s goals. MMM can also be used to create optimizations that help marketers (or advertisers) plan future campaigns based on past performance and resource constraints.

Attribution and Insights


Accurate Attribution So You Can Make the Right Investments

Identify areas of strength — or diminishing returns — with channel-level all the way down to audience-level detail. By combining cross-channel measurement and leading data science methodology, Civis Attribution gives you the crucial knowledge that can optimize your marketing outreach for growth and cost savings.


Enable Precision Campaigns and Activations

Audience Center, which offers a single source of truth for data-driven customer segmentation, prioritization, and identification. Users can build and deploy our time-tested and scientifically-rigorous predictive models to understand who they need to reach, how best to reach them, and what to say to change behavior.

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Civis Can Help Optimize Your Media Mix — From Media Testing to Custom Applications

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