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Identify the Right Audience to Increase Engagement

Use our software to bring all your data into a single place. Build and use predictive models to generate key insights into your customers and prospects, identify where to find them, and determine the messages that are driving action.

Non-technical User List Cutting

Empower your marketing and outreach teams to cut their own lists and control the audience parameters on the fly. This level of independence frees up your data team’s time as well as encourages more customized approaches to your outbound marketing efforts. Layer in our data modeling services to further unlock the potential of your data.

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“The prospects Civis identified purchased tickets at 3.7 times the rate of other prospects sourced through more traditional methods.”

Director of Marketing
Lisa Middleton
Director of MarketingLyric Opera of Chicago

Unlock the Potential of Your Data

Your business is complex and your customers aren’t one-dimensional, so the more data you have when making decisions, the better those decisions will be. Our proprietary dataset with thousands of models will jump-start your analytics efforts.


Unparalleled Insight

Individual-level media consumption, purchase history, and hundreds of other variables are available seamlessly alongside your first-party data, or as standalone data so you can see everyone, not just those who you know already exist.


Understand, Prioritize, and Identify

Audience Center was designed based on deep understanding of data, models, and how to best present all the information you need in a way that surfaces the most important insights. Quickly segment your audiences of interest using data, understand what makes the segments unique, and know who to focus on to meet your goals.

Explore Our Landmark Intelligence Centers, powered by Audience Center

Digital Equity Intelligence Center

The digital divide in the United States is poised to leave millions of Americans behind as more and more of our social infrastructure requires a broadband connection.  

Explore How We Identify the Areas of Greatest Need

Vaccine Outreach Intelligence Center

Motivating vaccine-hesitant populations became increasingly urgent during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

See Our Data-science Approach

Census Intelligence Center

Ramping up to the 2020 Census, Civis helped to identify messages and messengers necessary to get as comprehensive data as possible.

Explore Our Census Solutions

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