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Messages That Demand Action

When it comes to politics, creative really matters. In fact, our research shows that up to 30% of political ads cause backlash - and many others have zero impact on voter support and turnout. Creative Focus is an easy to use, online tool that helps campaigns deliver the best message to the right voters at the right time. Our testing solution focuses on causation, to show what ads will impact your campaign, encourage constituents to action, and most importantly, tell you why.

Simple and Impactful Interface

Our self-serve module is accessible and simple to use, and allows virtually anyone on your team to set up message tests. Decide on a local, state or federal audience level, upload the links or files to be tested, and submit. Really, it's that easy.

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Test Multiple Message Options

Creative Focus goes above and beyond an average A/B test. Your campaign team can upload several video, image or text creatives to compare how your selected audiences will react to each, and how messages will impact the future of the campaign differently.

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Precision via Experimentation

A treatment vs. control design is proven to be more reliable than measures of popularity. Our process shows the true, incremental impact of an ad on your target group, and informs decisions using proven, scientific methods. Our powerful survey infrastructure connects with over 10 million survey panelists to identify what your potential audience will think of your message.

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Results in Days, not Weeks

Gain access to impactful results that will drive your campaign’s strategy forward. Understand, based on data, which ads will persuade voters to take action, and which can potentially cause harm. Identify and build a list of the most persuadable targets for any given piece of creative.

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A Record of Success

Civis is trusted among progressive political organizations and works to provide your campaign with truth and accuracy to take the next step.

Results You Can Trust

Our technology uses randomized-controlled experiments to quantify the persuasiveness of your ads overall and among key sub-groups.

Learn Fast

Your campaign can run affordable image, message and video ad tests, and get the results in a matter of days.

Avoid Backlash

Creative Focus measures potential negative impact so you can avoid spending money on messaging that could harm your campaign.

The most effective message... ended up being one about education, how Jones would help more people go to college and get good jobs… The least effective message was one that cast Moore as a rubber stamp for President Trump. ”

Doug Jones

Alabama Senate

With Civis, we are able to rapidly test our digital ads, determine which messages will be most persuasive for each audience we are targeting, and allocate resources to the right place – all prior to launching our ads online.”

Megan Clasen

Digital Director, JB for Governor

Using Creative Focus, we were able to test which campaign ads would resonate with our audience most. It actually prevented us from running an ad that we thought would be our top performing ad, because the test indicated it would cause backlash...”

Campaign Manager

US Senate Campaign

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