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Creative Focus

Identify the Messages that Inspire Action

Creative Focus is an easy to use online message testing tool that helps organizations deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Our testing solution focuses on causation to show how persuasive your ads are amongst your most important audiences.

Leverage data-driven message testing

Creative Focus is designed to help organizations identify their best message, and then target the right people at the right time. Take a look at how Creative Focus works

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Simple and Easy to Use

Creative Focus’s self-serve interface is accessible and simple, allowing anyone on your team to set up tests or access results. Insert relevant audience details, upload the links or files to be tested, and submit. Really — it's that easy.

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Test Multiple Message Options

Creative Focus goes above and beyond an average A/B test. Your team can upload several video, image or text creatives to compare how your selected audiences will react to each, and how messages will impact future efforts.

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Precision via Experimentation

A treatment vs. control design is proven to be more reliable than measures of popularity, like self-reported persuasiveness or focus groups. Our process shows the true, incremental impact of an ad on your desired group.

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Results in Days, not Weeks

Within days, you’ll have access to impactful results that will drive your organization’s strategy forward, with the knowledge of which ads can persuade or which will cause harm to your mission.

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A Record of Success

Brands, campaigns, and nonprofit organizations have already leveraged Creative Focus to improve their ad buys and digital targeting. Our technology utilizes randomized control trial experiments to quantify the exact persuasiveness of your ads among key audience subgroups you care about.

Metrics That Matter

With research indicating minimal correlation between popularity and action, we don’t focus on vanity metrics like clicks or shares. We measure the true incremental impact of an ad so you know with confidence which message will deliver results - and with whom.

Learn Fast

Run multiple image, message and video ad tests, and access the results in a matter of days. You’ll have a clear understanding of which ads will persuade and help achieve your goals.

Avoid Adverse Reactions

Creative Focus measures potential negative impact of an ad, so you can avoid spending money on messaging that could directly hinder your efforts or tarnish your image.

The insights from Creative Focus informed the creation of two new ads which are our best performing to-date, with a 30% lower acquisition cost. Beyond optimizing our ads, Creative Focus provided actionable brand messaging insights that are more scientific, faster, and cheaper than any focus group. This research will shape how we talk about Anomalie to each bride, knowing that what resonates with a 25-year-old bride in Texas might be completely different than a 37-year-old bride in Maine. ”

Leslie Voorhees

CEO, Anomalie

Using the right messaging with the right audience in the right place is critical to a successful communications strategy. Creative Focus gave us timely data to make informed messaging decisions.”

Erika Briceño Howard

Director of Communications, Policy and Advocacy, United Nations Foundation

With Civis, we are able to rapidly test our digital ads, determine which messages will be most persuasive for each audience we are targeting, and allocate resources to the right place – all prior to launching our ads online.”

Megan Clasen

Digital Director, JB for Governor

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