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Unify Data

Decentralized data across systems leads to missed insights and an elongated reporting process. You need a holistic view of data across the organization to more efficiently access critical information and take action.

Our team evaluates your systems and implements Civis Platform and Identify Resolution resources so you can focus on business drivers supporting your mission.

Enable Reporting

From program metrics to board engagement, each report presents an opportunity to share information that advances your mission. However, creating reports from disparate systems is challenging.

The Civis Platform is the key to a streamlined reporting system that frees your internal team to prioritize organizational drivers.

Expand Footprint

Constituent growth is vital for mission attainment. But appealing to a broader constituent base without jeopardizing fundraising and relationships with your current supporters is a balancing act.

It’s time to take a fresh, deeper look at your existing constituents to understand how to expand your footprint. Our team leads the survey research, analytics, and modeling necessary for targeted growth.

Communicate Persuasively

Public opinion on pressing issues is a critical differentiator in the success of an initiative. Learning how to assess and react to the drivers of those opinions sets non-profits apart.

Through the use of our survey and public opinion research tools, you gain valuable insights to inform how to best position your programs and your messaging.

Who We Help

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Traditionally, nonprofits use the Field of Dreams approach: if you build it they will come. With Civis, we could take a more targeted Moneyball-type approach and turned to data to efficiently reach the right people.

Steven Lee

Managing Director, Robin Hood Foundation



Our team of solution architects, applied data scientists and client success analysts ensures clients achieve their data goals. From clients with no data team to those with a full data department, we meet you where you are.


Civis’s suite of products and services allows us to fit your needs and tackle a small or large engagement. Whether it is a Creative Focus message test on how to best advocate for your constituents or a full data warehouse project to convert your membership database, we scale with you.

Thought Partners

Clients trust our data expertise. We help them think through current data challenges and plan for future data needs.


Our Platform Accelerators help nonprofit clients get started quickly. Our world class data scientists and engineers have developed these tools with nonprofits in mind to help you serve your constituents better.

IDR (Identity Resolution)

Consolidate supporter information in one system to gain insights into how to communicate and interact for maximum mission attainment.

Creative Focus

Learn which messages resonate best with your constituents and supporters. Creative Focus allows you to place resources on messages that have the desired outcome.


Understanding viewpoints and attitudes on issues profoundly impacts program development and constituent engagement. Leverage Civis’s scientific opinion research to inform next steps for your organization.

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