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A Single Analytics Platform That Puts Your Data to Work for You

Finally, a way to make the most of your data in one place, without investing in an expensive, hard-to-manage tech stack. With Civis Platform, you can harness your data from any source to plan strategically, manage workflows, report out to stakeholders, and automate data pipelines — all with out-of-the-box functionality you can set up in days.

Eliminate messy data silos, collaborate across teams, and create a complete picture of your audience — all in one place.

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Empower a Better Tomorrow Through Data-driven Insights

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Decision Makers

Make data-driven development operations decisions with confidence through individual-level analytics and reporting.

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Data and Analytics Teams

Collaborate and manage your data workflows from any source, out of the box — all in a single cloud-based platform designed for data teams.

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Media Planners

Optimize your digital marketing spend and test your message for persuasiveness — or risk of backlash — before launching your campaign.

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Community Leaders

Gain a proactive, 360-degree view of your community to help solve its challenges.

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Dismantle Your Data Silos

Create a single source of truth for your data without a weighty, expensive tech stack.

Improve decision making with highly customizable data infrastructure, out of the box.

Eliminate manual processes that drain your team’s resources.

Leverage our suite of data products to craft, hone, and test messaging that resonates with your audiences.

Harness person-level insights to maximize campaign engagement and effectiveness.

Case Studies

300+ customers — and counting — growing their data maturity with Civis Platform

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Unlock Your Data-driven Future

Clean, centralized, enriched data is fundamental to understanding your audience’s wants and needs, personalizing their experiences, and consistently delivering products and services that stand out from the crowd.

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Civis Platform is a fully-managed cloud software solution — no dev-ops or IT resources required.


A core analytics engine and identity resolution feature set to manage, administer, and chain thousands of concurrent queries, models, data workflows, and reports in customer-isolated AWS clusters.


A comprehensive data warehouse, integration, and governance system for storing first-party data, integrating with outside systems, and managing permissions — all in a secure, SOC 2-compliant environment.


A development and reporting layer where unified data, custom survey research, and modeling workflows come together to build custom, front-end SaaS products and securely distribute reports throughout the organization.

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Let’s put your data to work to empower your teams and engage your audiences. Embrace science — not conventional wisdom and educated guesses — to elevate your decision making.

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