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Voice of the Patient

A Civis Analytics Research Initiative

A full picture of patients’ health is critical to innovation in healthcare. Our new research initiative, Voice of the Patient, leverages our expertise in surveying and message testing to provide needed insight into attitudes and motivators of healthcare consumers.



Whitepaper: Meeting Demand for Telehealth

In June 2019, Civis surveyed 2,840 U.S. adults, weighted to be representative of the American public. Relevant findings include: 

Whitepaper: Meeting Demand for Telehealth

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There is significant interest in telehealth services, but few patients have actually used them:
Only 9% have used telehealth services, and they are more likely to be young, male, and from a rural community. However, 68% of those who have not used telehealth services are interested in doing so in the future.

Patients are particularly interested in virtual care for mental health services, prescription refills and sexual health consultations:
57% of those that plan to use mental health services expressed interest in virtual consultations. There is also a high interest in telehealth for prescription refills (46%) and sexual health consultations (40%)

The biggest motivating factors for switching from a traditional provider:
75% said they would switch doctors to receive virtual sexual health consultations; 66% said the same about mental health services; 56% said they would switch for prescription refills


Whitepaper: Improving Support for HPV Vaccination Through Persuasive Messaging

In April 2019, Civis Analytics surveyed 2,491 U.S. parents of children under 18 (weighted to be representative of the American public). Relevant findings include: 

Whitepaper: Improving Support for HPV Vaccination through Persuasive Messaging

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83% of all respondents have heard of HPV, few are well-informed about the virus:
After asking a series of true/false questions to parents, only 6% correctly answered all statements, while 20% did not answer any of the questions correctly.

This test found that informing parents about the negative health outcomes associated with HPV (the “HPV Causes Cancer” message) is the message most likely to increase support for vaccinations:
Although concern about side effects was the most common reason given for not vaccinating, the “HPV Vaccine is Safe” message was not effective at increasing support for vaccination, and in fact could cause backlash (a net decrease in support).



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