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Scientific Measurement For Marketing Campaigns

Meet Sparklight, attribution software built by data scientists that gives marketers deep insight into which campaigns, creatives, and audiences are driving incremental growth.

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Measure Causation, Not Correlation

Say goodbye to ineffective, touch-based attribution models that only measure the correlation of ads against decisions. Sparklight uses advanced machine learning models to provide cross-channel analysis on which marketing tactics are truly delivering the greatest ROI.

Holistic Measurement

Incremental Measurement

Sophisticated machine learning models identify which marketing levers are driving incremental growth.

Customizable KPIs

Analyze the metrics that matter, from app downloads or website purchases to in-store visits or brand awareness.

Built for Accuracy

Sparklight’s models are built using randomized control trials, known as the gold standard of scientific research.

World-class Service

Top data scientists will oversee Sparklight implementation so it meets your unique needs.

Built by scientists to put the data (and power) in your hands.

Sparklight’s holistic incremental measurement and user-friendly UI gives marketers and data scientists the power to:

  • Measure and improve ROI of marketing tactics
  • Optimize in-flight and future campaigns
  • Generate higher returns and avoid wasteful spending
  • Plan strategically for future campaigns