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Civis Research

Scientific market research made easy.

Application Overview
Application Overview

Ask the right questions, get the right answers

Backed by Civis best practice questionnaires, sampling, and analysis, Civis Research puts the power of survey science directly in the hands of marketers and strategists. This custom research application is simple to use, and illuminates your brand health as if you had a Civis social scientist on staff. Results are returned in a week, and since it’s based on matched individual data, you can turn survey responses into models, longitudinal analysis, and lists.

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Civis Research

What You Need to Know

What It Does
It answers your brand health questions in an intuitive format—focused on the demographics you care about most
Who It's For
Brand managers, marketing analysts, research coordinators, account executives, strategists
The Data
Online survey responses about your brand, sourced from the Civis national database of 220 million Americans