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Service Overview
Service Overview

Commitment to truth, no matter what your data science problem

Whatever we’re working to predict–intent to vote, or purchase, or switch brands–our data science methodology is the same. Our approach to individual-level targeting improves engagement and acquisition, builds an enriched understanding of your people, and gets you actionable insights that you can use right away.

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Custom Data Solutions

What We Do

Enhance your enterprise big data with ours, create new data through surveys and polling
Use individual-level machine learning algorithms, test existing messaging and strategy
Incorporate our methodology and technology, identify individuals for acquisition, resource optimization

How We Help

Custom Service Offering
Custom Service Offering

From individual-level tactics to resource optimization.

Whether you have a specific goal like expanding your market, or are grappling with disparate big data sources, we can help. Our service offering is flexible according to your needs, and we can customize it according to whatever solution you require– from big data healthcare analytics assistance to big data analytics in retail, and beyond.

Flexible Data Architecture
Flexible Data Architecture

Completely within the bounds of your infrastructure.

We do everything from building custom tools to designing your entire data science workflow from the ground up. Just ask–it’s all on the menu. We work within your existing infrastructure in order to get answers and results more quickly, and collaborate with you and your team every step of the way to help you become more self-sufficient.

Lookalike & Prospect Targeting
Lookalike & Prospect Targeting

Increased yield, lower cost per acquisition.

Better direct your acquisition outreach to audiences that are likely to be your best new customers. Our lookalike and prospect targeting methods identify individuals for acquisition and create models that leverage detailed information about your current users, no matter who they are.