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Consumer Insights & Market Segmentation

Service Overview
Service Overview

Learn how your customers behave and find more like them

Enhance your data with our national database (or use our database solo) to get more valuable global consumer insights and more meaningful segments. You’ll find out how your customers feel about you, how they differ from each other and the general population, how to hold onto them, and how to find more like them.

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Consumer Insights

What We Do

Clean existing data and enhance it with ours
Analyze your customers, create data-driven marketing segmentation, and build an analysis infrastructure
Find out customers’ buying behavior and demographics like education level, whether they’re likely to be parents, and more

How We Help

Data Integration & Enhancement
Data Integration & Enhancement

Cleaner, more robust data.

The first step is unifying, cleaning, and understanding your data sources. Once that’s done, we’ll enhance it with our national consumer database of 220 million Americans that includes variables like demographic information and buying behavior.

Customer Analysis
Customer Analysis

Understand your audience.

Whether your audience includes customers, students, voters, or employees, we provide valuable insights. Find out things like their education level, whether they’re likely to be parents, and so much more.

Market Segmentation
Market Segmentation

Precise, meaningful segments.

Using our advanced statistical models, we map groups onto the entire population at the individual level so that you can better segment your voters, customers, donors, constituents, or employees. We go beyond traditional demographic segmentation by applying machine learning to historical purchasing behavior.